Game Spotlight: Titan Souls

Hello and welcome to Game Spotlight! Game Spotlight is where I take a look at games that are oft overlooked and are denied the attention they deserve. Today, I will be drawing your attention to a small game with a colossal idea. Titan Souls.

Titan Souls, if you hadn’t already guessed from the title and image above is inspired by a classic for the Playstation 2 known as Shadow of the Colossus. In brief, it involved climbing up massive beasts, finding their weakpoints and stabbing them while you hold on for your dear life. Titan Souls takes the same idea of slaying larger than life beasts and adds its own unique twists to the concept.

There is no health bar, no ammo gauge for your bow, in fact, no HUD at all so to speak. It is just you in the centre of the screen with a path ahead of you to walk. Not that there is any use for a health bar. Both you and the brutal bosses you face can only take a single hit. A single mistake. A single lapse in concentration and your journey will end. Likewise however, the bosses are just as vulnerable. It is just a matter of adapting to their attacks,  finding their weakpoint or a way to it and making that single shot to bring them down. Small details such as time slowing down when you aim your bow only add to this battle of epic proportions. Don’t worry as you can still pull your arrow back with THE FORCE(or at least I think it is) after firing it.

The game is not short on bosses either. In total, there are 18 powerful, intimidating and unique creatures waiting for you to step into their arena and challenge them. Each titan is different and offers it’s own challenge which means the simple gameplay doesn’t get tiring fast. You’ll fight a psychic brain frozen in blocks of ice to a giant overgrown plant that tries to whip you with its vines to a yeti that you kill by shooting it in the butt!(I’m not even joking).

I also found myself in awe of the beautiful overworld that although only really acting as a hub leading off to all the different titans’ territories breathes life into the game. At first, the starting area gives an impression of beauty but also linearity as it is simply an entrance to a temple with doors leading to the first four bosses. Once you get past them however you are thrown into a lush world with forests, frozen mountains, volcanoes and other areas that each have unique styles.

Despite the presentation being amazing, Titan Souls is unfortunately not for everyone. Some may find they tire of the gameplay after they die for the 50th time because they accidentally rolled into an eye cubes laser. The game is certainly for the hardcore considering how easily and quick death can find you a few seconds into a battle. Sometimes however, you may also end up killing a boss before the fight even starts as they too are affected by this problem. For this reason, Titan Souls can be very hit and miss, just like the arrow I fired that missed the weakpoint by a pixel AGAIN!

Titan Souls certainly has a creative premise and uses this idea to its full potential. However, it is not for everyone and is not for those who seek a more casual gaming experience. Overall, it has good execution and premise but fails in its gameplay which even those who enjoy the 1 hit to kill system may find problems with.


  • Beautiful world
  • Creative titans
  • Brilliant premise
  • Fitting execution


  • Not for everyone
  • Gameplay can be lacking
  • One hit to kill system fails in some areas.
  • May be considered quite expensive for the length.(£10.99)

Verdict: 7.5/10

Get it here:


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