Flash Friday: Anti-Idle The Game

Welcome to Flash Friday! This is where I look at some of the awesome and creative flash games you can play for free on the Internet. Today, I will be looking at Anti-Idle The Game, a Kongregate exclusive and one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played.

Anti-Idle is exactly what it says in the title. It’s not an Idle game. In fact, it does everything it can to ensure you’re always doing something whether it be tending to the various tree’s in your garden, going on “Awesome Adventures”, jabbing at a button, fighting in a battle arena, trading gems in the LOLMarket(stock market) or even playing the games very own “Tukkun’s Fake Card Game”. The amount of things you can do in Anti-Idle is staggering. You could spend hundreds of hours playing the game and still not do everything which is insane for a flash game.

At its core however, Anti-Idle IS an Idle game. Your main source of experience and the game’s main currency(yellow coins) is gained from a simple progress bar on the right side of the screen. You can switch between two modes: Anti-Idle which requires you to do something to claim your rewards even if it’s just moving the mouse and Idle which of course requires no input to gain your rewards but takes longer and costs more to upgrade the speed. However, you’ll be doing much more than simply watch numbers go up like in most Idle games.

The main thing you will be doing is working to complete the many different and plentiful quests and achievements in the game. There are 630 achievements and just as much quests in C, B, A and S ranks of difficulty making Anti-Idle heaven for achievement hunters such as myself.These are all linked to the various “features” that you can unlock in the game. It would be a very long and very boring review if I took the time to talk about each of them individually but there is a garden, a button machine, a battle arena, a money printer, an arcade, a stadium, the aforementioned “Tukkun’s Fake Card Game”, the LOLMarket, Awesome Adventures, Fishing, Business and even a freaking DRAGON you can feed to get useless information and complete certain quests. As well as this there are also features you can buy for the menu such as epic skills and a pet human which you can feed to level it up so it can cast more powerful spells like increased experience.

Another change from Idle game ‘norm’ is that Anti-Idle has more than one currency, each used for different things. The standard yellow coins used for buying most things in the game and so common you can literally print them at the printer feature, green coins which are slightly rarer and used for more expensive items, blue coins which are in dwindling supply but can be used to buy some of the best items in the game that can give you a significant boost in the game and white coins which are used for “rest” boosts(you get an experience and gains boost if you leave the game and turn off your computer for a few hours). Oh, and also red coins, the rarest type of coin in the game that can be put to the brilliant use of… absolutely nothing!

So as you now know the game is far from starved for content. Even if you don’t like one feature there are still around 10 more you can sink your time into. Most people seem to enjoy the Battle Arena which is almost like a small game in itself but I found myself drawn into the mindless, subtle beauty of the button machine. Somehow clicking a button(or just holding down shift as a cheat)  just drew me in… probably because I’m sad. I also enjoyed the “Awesome Adventures” which was basically a small “Choose your own adventure” book that leads to getting surprisingly large rewards if you not what paths to choose. Anyway, the Battle Arena is definitely the biggest feature involving battling monsters(of course), crafting equipment, taming invisible allies, filling up your bestiary and other small mini-features. The fighting itself isn’t too impressive though. Despite having several skills most of my fights just boiled down to reaching a high enough rank and leaving auto-fight on like a king lounging on the throne while he lets his knight do all the fighting.

The humour in this simple game is also surprisingly good. Several in-jokes and references are hidden throughout the game maybe to do with Kongregate culture and being a long-time Kongregamer I found them quite amusing. For example, upon opening the options menu, one of the biggest buttons is the Mute button even though Anti-Idle has no sound at all. Underneath it says “Now you can’t rate 1 star for no mute button” which is a brilliant piss-take on one of the biggest complaints users of Kongregate make and made me chuckle aloud to myself. References to gaming culture like the Konami Code and You Have to Burn the Rope(a Kongregate classic) also give the game a unique style of humour.

I had a few problems with the game like the lack of music or any sound effects at all like I mentioned. It can make the game feel dull and lifeless at times and I recommend putting your own favourite music on in the background. It may also start to feel like a grind after a while although the game did a good job of being as little like an Idle game as possible to fit the name. I always came back to play some more eventually though which proves just how addicting the game can be.

Despite at first looking like a glorified HUD, Anti-Idle is one of the best and longest-running game’s on Kongregate. Yes, I said that. It was first released in 2009 and to this day it is still being updated by the game’s amazing creator: Tukkun. In a few years or maybe even a few months Anti-Idle will have even MORE content contained within it. And you know what? I’ll probably still be playing it then too.


  • Massive amount of content
  • Frequently updated
  • Variety of activities to do
  • Lot’s of quests and achievements
  • Great humour and references
  • Free


  • Lack of music
  • Can become a bit of a grind

Verdict: 9/10

Play the game for free here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/Tukkun/anti-idle-the-game



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