Top Ten Favourite SMITE Gods

One of the best things about SMITE is the sheer variety of gods and the unique looks, personalities and abilities that differentiate them all from each other. With so many amazing gods it’s hard to choose just ten as my favourites but that’s just what I’m going to try and do today. To make it fair I have limited myself to picking two gods per role otherwise this would probably be a list of guardians and mages. Keep in mind, this is my opinion and NOT a tier list so you can disagree with me if you like. Without any further delays, lets begin!

#10 Kali


Kali the Hindu Goddess of Destruction is sure to give you a helping hand with winning the game… or four! I’ve never been much a fan of assassins due to them having so little health they die the second someone so much as sneezes in their general direction but Kali is definitely more formidable and easier to play than most other assassins. First of all, her passive, Marked For Death, is easy to understand and makes prioritising targets much easier.It allows her to select a target to focus on and gives you some large buffs when taking them down. Physical penetration means no armour can save them from her, the gold boost allows her to easily stay ahead of the game and the massive amount of health she gains after killing them means she can perform usually suicidal feats to get a kill and not only survive but also keep on fighting straight after. This paired with her ultimate giving her an aura of damage and a invincibility for a short time as well as the lifesteal she gains from throwing her blades means Kali is an extremely hard God to kill. And then if all else fails just drop your urn, stun them and leap the heck out of there. No wonder she is one of only two assassins I like.

#9 Hun Batz


Hun Batz the howler monkey may not seem like much of a threat but trust me, you don’t want to monkey around with him. Hun is one of the few gods in the game who, well, isn’t a god. But don’t think that means he isn’t a threat because if Hun was the god of anything it would be chaos. At first, Hun seems like your standard assassin. He’s got a leap, a simple damaging ability and a passive that gives you increased crit whenever you use an ability. Then you see him send some kind of demon monkey towards you that bounces between your teammates like a ping pong ball in a rally. You blink and suddenly he is there. You see the mad grin on his face when everything falls into chaos and your team is no more. Hun Batz activated his ultimate, Fear No Evil, one of the best team fight ultimate’s in the game. It creates a totem that sends out a pulse, damaging you and fearing you away from it meaning you can do nothing else. A well-placed one can send a team into disarray so  you and your fellow teammates can pick them off one by one. This makes Hun an assassin with much more team fight and even game-changing potential. Best to run when you see him chasing you down.

#8 Jing Wei


Jing Wei flies like a bird and stings like an explosive bolt to the face. Jing Wei is yet another god who, similar to Hun Batz, isn’t a god. She is simply a little girl who was given a second chance in life(and a sweet pair of wings) when she drowned in the sea. She swore an oath against the sea to completely fill it with pebbles… yeah good luck with that. Fortunately, she saw sense and has now decided to stop wasting her time and test her might in the battleground of the gods. One of the best things about Jing Wei is her insane mobility. First and foremost her passive-which is possibly one of the best in the game-allows her to fly into the air from her teams fountain and travel a large distance through the skies before landing just in time to protect a tower or finish of an escaping enemy or save a teammate or… As you can see there is no end to the usefulness of her passive. Apart from that she is also able to summon a wind gust under people’s feet(which is great for trolling people recalling back to base), shoot explosive bolts and also dash whether on the ground or in the air to escape an enemy who thinks he’s got her cornered. The only thing that lacks with Jing is her ultimate which is a decent damaging air strike type attack. Despite this, Jing still remains a strong hunter.

#7 Chang’e


Chang’e is probably the only god in the game capable of dancing her way to victory. Yes, all of her abilites are DANCE moves. She can perform a sweeping arc to dazzle her enemies to death, dance a moonlit waltz to gain short invulnerability and mana and twirl to damage enemies and heal her allies. These are all pretty standard attacks but one of the things that makes her special is her small cooldowns that allow her to constantly put the pressure on her enemies. As well as this, she doesn’t talk, instead a hilarious rabbit(yes I’m being serious) does all the talking for her as well as allowing you to send it to the shop to collect needed items while still on the battlefield further allowing her to continually poke enemies. Her ultimate is also incredibly satisfying, blowing enemies away so much with her dazzling dancing they are stunned. And the more enemies you hit the longer the stun which can allow her to make some incredibly good stun chains. You better run rabbit, run if you see her gracefully approaching you.

#6 Chaac


When you first meet Chaac the mayan rain god, you will see just how easily he can rain on your parade. Chaac is one of the most merciless warriors and best gods for 1v1ing in the entire game. As with Chang’e, his stupendous sustain allows him to outlast almost any opponent. His passive means he gets a mana-free ability every 5 basic attacks which could provide for that final finisher and get him a kill. He can make it rain which not only heals him but also slows down enemies and speeds you up if you get shield of regrowth. Being able to throw his axe then teleport to it makes chasing and pulling off clever escapes much easier. Not to mention his colossal ultimate which applies one of the longest silences in the game. Almost impossible to take on in a 1 on 1 fight, Chaac is surely deserving of the tile of God.

#5 Anhur


Anhur is a high-skill hunter that when played right, leaves his opponents lion around dead on the floor. Anhur’s abilities are quite simple at their core but require a lot of skill to pull off. Apart from having a standard leap, his main combo is summoning a sandy pillar out of the ground that slows enemies and also makes his basics deal more damage and then throwing a spear so hard it knocks them back an incredible distance or pins them to any surfaces in they way. The idea is to pin them to the pillar making escape difficult but it is much harder to pull off than it sounds with the pillar not being very wide. Then, you can follow up with your ultimate which sends a stream of strong spears straight towards the enemies face. A powerful passive which reduces enemies physical protections also makes him quite a frightening foe. It is very easy to make mistakes with Anhur as the knockback from your heavy spear can also help the enemy escape but once you get the hang of him he becomes one of the most satisfying to play and most threatening hunters in the game.

#4 Sun Wukong


Yet another monkey swings onto my list but this one is vaguely human. Sun Wukong is a literal beast due to his ’72’ transformations. No, they DON’T allow you to transform into 72 different creatures unfortunately. Instead, you can transform into an ox, a tiger and an eagle. Eagle is the fastest and can avoid roots like Artemis’ traps meaning it’s great for escapes, the tiger can stun and moves almost as fast as the eagle making it a brilliant way to stop escaping enemies in their tracks and the ox deals damage while throwing enemies into the air which is a great way to cause chaos in a teamfight. This utility is what makes Sun Wukong stand out from a lot of other warriors. As well as this, he has a simple waveclear that deals extra damage to jungle creatures and minions, a slow and a unique ultimate that creates a decoy to fight enemies while he chills on a cloud regaining his health. All these abilities make Sun Wukong a foe to be feared. The only area he is lacking in is his passive which makes you more powerful if you are under 35% health. It is very situational and I often find it doesn’t come into much use. However, the monkey king can sure give Hun Batz a scare with the rest of his kit.

#3 Geb


Geb rocks! Seriously, he does. Geb is the god that I consider the most guardian guardian in the game due to his incredible fortitude and lifesaving potential. First of all I should mention what is probably the best ability in the game. Geb can summon a shield of stone that gives a massive armour boost to whoever he places it on whether it be himself or allies. Oh, and it removes Crowd Control. I have saved more lives than I can count with that single ability and the thanks you get after saving an ally at the last second is way more rewarding than any kill. If your ally is still in grave danger you can use your ‘rock and roll’ to knock enemies back or at least slow them down depending on the momentum you build up. People also underestimate the damage and disruption his tremor can cause which deals more damage the closer he is to enemies as well as knocking them up for a short while. Even better is his incredibly underrated ultimate, cataclysm, which as well as damaging enemies around him, also stuns them. A well placed cataclysm can be game changing and turn a team fight completely around. Lastly, his passive means critical hits only do 25% extra damage to him which is the BANE of crit hunters. There is only one guardian I like more than Geb and that god is…

#2 Xing Tian


Xing Tian is one god you don’t want to face in battle. If you think you can topple this titan then you’re delusional. His first ability is a DOT based on your maximum health that also decreases basic attack damage. So you ignore him and head for the almost dead mage he is trying to protect when suddenly you’re knocked into the air by his 2 and rooted when you land. You might think you’ve got him cornered but he’ll just leap away a massive distance with his double leap as well as giving himself protections. This ability is also incredibly useful for getting around fast and getting in and out of battle quickly. Speaking of battle, he can stay in battle and outsustain most opponents with his passive which increases his HPS(Health Per Second) for each ability he uses. Finally, he has a game changing ult. He charges up then swings his axe picking up any enemies before throwing them where he is facing. This is an unparalleled setup for allies to deal some damage and especially works well with gods with AOE(Area Of Effect) ultimate’s like Poseidon. A surprise attack from a Xing Tian with his ultimate can be devastating for the enemy team and lead to a swift and easy victory. Xing takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of his abilities you’ll be a massive thorn in your opponent’s sides.

#1 Ra


Ra is the Egyptian god of the sun and is my favourite god in SMITE.Ever since I started playing SMITE, Ra has been my favourite god in the game and for good reason.Ra can be considered a support mage and lives up to the title by constantly beating down on his enemies like the burning sun… which makes sense considering he technically IS the sun. The reason he can be considered a support god is the fact that he has the single BEST heal in the entire game. His solar blessing can heal a gargantuan 150 health per second depending on what you build to several allies as well as also dealing damage. Ra can very easily heal his entire team back to full health after an assault meaning he can constantly pressure enemies. And don’t think he’s easy to take down like most other mages. His 2 slows enemies down, blinds them and when used in conjunction with his passive which speeds him up for every ability he uses means he can travel at the speed of light away from assassins and hunters. The pressure is constantly maintained by his first ability which can destroy minion waves as early as level 7. Oh, I forgot to mention his solar blessing heals MINIONS too. Lastly, his ultimate is the most satisfying snipe in the game. Hitting an enemy as they are recalling back to base is hilarious and sniping one that is escaping into the jungle through a wall is one of the most impressive feats you can achieve in SMITE. Then you can spam his ridiculous laugh as your enemies burn in your sun god inferno.

Those were my favourite gods. in SMITE though I’m sure your list will be completely different to mine. Feel free to express your opinion on the top ten gods in SMITE in the comments.




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