SMITE-Top 5 Gods I Hate playing against

There is a large variety of gods in SMITE meaning you have to constantly adapt in every game you have to counter and beat the ones you are facing this time. Seeing some gods on the enemy team may cause a snigger and cause your confidence to swell until you get owned by someone who knows how to play that god very well. You should never underestimate your opponent. However, seeing an opponent you really hoped would not get picked this time may be even worse. When your eyes spot the gods picture and the mastery level underneath it then your confidence will droop in dread of the battle ahead. For this countdown I will be talking about the gods that make me feel that same impeding sense of doom and failure when I see them on the enemy team. Remember, this is just my opinion so you are allowed to disagree with me and feel free to post the gods you hate playing against in the comments below.

#5 Ah Puch


Ah Puch, apart from being horrifying to look at, is also horrifying to play against. Many people hate another powerful mage Anubis due to his massive damage but at least with him you have a CHANCE of getting close and killing him quickly. What makes Ah Puch so frustrating to play against is his enormous area denial. He is one of the few mages who actually has an advantage in small and narrow areas like the jungle. A few corpses are launched at you and you have no room to dodge at all so you just have to take it. This applies a massive slow and then before you even have time to activate sanctuary Ah Puch blows up the corpses completely obliterating your health bar. This then leaves you a sitting duck for any other enemy gods that may be nearby. At least with Anubis, it’s quite easy to get out of range of his attacks assuming you’re not stunned by his mummify which can be countered with a purification or Magi’s Blessing. With Ah Puch, I can never even get near enough to scratch him before I’ve lost over half my health. Even if you DO catch up with him he can then simply activate his ridiculously big ult and/or walk over a corpse to heal himself. I can’t even exact my revenge upon him because he is so damn untouchable. Ah Puch leaves more than the corpses of mortals in his wake and that gives me more than shivers down my spine when I see him on the enemy team.

#4 Artemis


On the subject of gods that can deal a stupidly absurd amount of damage lets talk about Artemis. The infamous god that can deal over 600 critical damage with her basic attacks without even using any abilities. As well as make me lose hope when I see her, she also agitates and provokes me… constantly. Even when she’s nowhere near you, Artemis can annoy you with her traps that root you for about 2 seconds while dealing damage. I am always unfortunate enough to walk right into one while running from enemies on low health or chasing an enemy down. A single trap in the right place can make a world of difference and annoy the hell out of you in the process. Her ultimate which is a boar that bounces from enemy to enemy like a ball in a pinball is no better. Despite how far away you are from it, it will find a way to zip from each of your allies to get to you, stun you and leave you helpless as Artemis is given plenty of time to aim and shoot 2 or 3 shots which unless your a tank will quickly kill you. Say you get lucky and survive? You’ll turn around and walk STRAIGHT into one of her traps. Trust me, it WILL happen. It always does for me. The fact that she often finishes her foes before they even have a chance to fight back is what annoys me the most. Sure, she’s squishy but with her traps, slow and stunning ultimate you’ll never get the chance to lay a finger on her.

#3 Ne Zha



The reason I hate Ne Zha is not because of his irritating high-pitched voice or his rings that bounce between enemies. It’s his third ability combined with his ultimate that make him so hard to play against. All he needs to do is find the opportunity to pull himself over to you with his Armillary Sash and you may as well give up. He can then simply activate his ultimate and there is nothing you can do. After launching you into the air so he cannot be interrupted he hits you several times then slams you down to the ground dealing large damage on each hit and leaving you quite weakened. There is no way to escape his ultimate or dodge the hits, once he hits you, there is no avoiding the damage. Being so powerless as he does this is incredibly agitating and even if you’re still alive when you land there is little chance of escape. Because he takes you into the air there is no way for your allies to interfere, he is completely safe, has taken one of your valuable allied gods into the sky and will possibly kill them before they can do anything about it. It is probably the safest ultimate in the game and the fact that neither you, nor your teammates can do anything about it makes me dread every singular hit from his ultimate.

#2 Loki


Loki is probably the god most of you can relate to hating. Probably the easiest god in the game to play, Loki can deal insane damage, clear an entire wave of minions while causing them to attack a decoy and get away easily with a press of a button. My first problem with him is his most obvious: the aforementioned insane amount of damage. A Loki can rip through your health in seconds, even faster than Artemis with her 600 damage basics and if you try to run away he only does more damage to you due to his passive increasing his damage even further if he is hitting an enemy from the back. Once he has claimed his victim, you have little chance of stopping him as another of his abilities allows him to teleport and stealth instantaneously. Good luck finding him. As well as this he can place a decoy which explodes dealing damage after a little while. He doesn’t even need to aim it as any minions anywhere close to it will walk over to it and attack it despite its invincibility. Oh, towers and phoenixes also attack it meaning he can place one and just rip through the tower or phoenix while they are shooting in seconds before any teammates can arrive to defend. Finally is his ultimate, an instantaneous execution that is easy to aim, can’t be avoided once hit unless you use a purification and leaves you open to attack if you are not killed by it. He requires little to no skill to play at all which of course means EVERYONE plays him. Every time I face a Loki I lose all hope. There is only one god I hate playing against more and that god is…

#1 Odin

If you thought Loki was bad then you’ve never been hit by Odin’s raven and lunge combo. Odin can summon a shield of ravens that explodes after a while and then leap which if timed right(this isn’t very hard to do) causes both abilities to hit at once dealing incredibly high damage. Am I repeating myself? Loki and Artemis both deal lots of damage as well so why is Odin so different? Well, Odin is MUCH harder to dodge than all the other gods I mentioned. The are for his leap and shield explosion is so massive he’d have a harder time NOT hitting people with it than hitting people with it. Even if you are good at SMITE, simply playing the game is enough to make him even more powerful . Every time a god dies Odin gets increased movement speed and damage and damage for a short while making him all the harder to dodge and more painful to endure. The thing is, this god doesn’t even have to be one he kills, it can be any god… on ANY team. By killing his allies you are making it easier for Odin to kill you. But the worst thing about Odin is his ultimate. He can summon a cage of spears that allies can enter and leave but enemies cannot… for SIX whole seconds. It may not seem long but in SMITE, on the battlefield, that is like an age. Not only that but enemies in the cage have reduced attack speed and cannot heal at all while Odin is immune to roots and slows. Not only that but any enemies that die in the cage of spears(again, they don’t even have to be killed by himself) give Odin a PERMANENT physical power boost. The only way to counter it is the phantom relic but that has a cooldown of 160 seconds. Odin can get his ultimate down to 40 seconds. I have to resist the urge to ragequit when this god appears on the enemy team.

That was my list of SMITE gods I hate playing against. Feel free to share your opinion on the gods you hate playing against in the comments below.




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