Flash Friday-Medieval Cop: The Death of a Lawyer

Welcome to Flash Friday! This is where I look at some of the awesome and creative flash games you can play for free on the Internet. Today, I will be looking at a relatively new, story-driven Flash game called Medieval Cop. It is rare to see flash games that focus on creating a compelling story but Medieval Cop: Death of a Lawyer certainly makes a bold move on behalf of flash games such as these.

Medieval Cop is a game set in Medieval times(obviously) that focuses on a low-ranking and low-spirits cop/detective called Dregg as he tries to solve the mystery of the death of a lawyer called Mr. E.Vil. What little gameplay there is is quite simple. You investigate by searching the room for clues and interrogating suspects that have been brought into questioning for various reasons. As you do this, you gather up evidence which you can review in menu to get a better idea of what happened. During certain moments you are required to think as a detective and work parts of the case out for yourself such as in the final scene where you have to explain the conclusion you have come to by selecting one option of several presented to you. For example, you are given three options to choose with one being right as to why the nosy neighbour is no the killer. In some cases you even have to link two pieces of evidence but despite this, the game remains quite easy for the most part.

What makes Medieval Cop so good however is the characters, mainly the humorously pessimistic Dregg you play as throughout the game. Dregg constantly reminds you and everyone around him just how pointless life and this case is yet this doesn’t stop him putting the effort in to solve the case. He is an incredibly well-written character and I found myself at least smiling if not laughing at each of his wisecracks. As well as this, there is Tira Lawford, the polar opposite to him who constantly makes fun of him and is fond of jumping to conclusions. There are also the suspects I mentioned earlier who despite having minor roles, still have distinct personalities. Finally, there is Gru, Dregg and Tira’s boss, and the villain who I won’t spoil. I will say however that they are deliciously evil and make a big impact despite only having a brief appearance.

Unfortunately, the pace is jarred somewhat by the frequent grammar and spelling errors that plague the game. Although only minor, being a a grammar nut meant glaring mistakes such as capital letters on words in the middle of sentences like “Better” and “I rather not talk to that housewife” made me physically wince in pain. It’s not just a few odd mistakes either. I must of noticed a mistake in every ten sentences on average.

The effect is reduced somewhat by the amazing atmosphere however. Music fits the scene it is played in and the music itself is quite good. Despite there not being much of it, the music that is played varies from goofy to epic to frightening. Again, there are not many different areas but each one is well put together and nothing feels out of place, especially the crime scene itself where almost everything has a part in what happened. My biggest complaint about the game however, is how short it is. I played through it in around 25 minutes and I’m the type of person who makes sure they interact with everything and reads everything there is to read.

Overall, Medieval Cop is a short but sweet little game with interesting characters and what looks to be a developing storyline judging by the ending. I am looking forward to seeing more of Dregg soon and I am sure the developer, GeminiGamer, will not disappoint. This looks to be a hopeful new series.


  • Interesting characters
  • Awesome music
  • Great atmosphere
  • Good murder mystery
  • Funny
  • Free


  • Short
  • Few areas
  • Glaring grammar and spelling misitakes
  • Too easy
  • Little gameplay

Verdict: 7.5/10

Play the game for free here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/VasantJ/medieval-cop

Check out the creators Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2572101


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