Legends of the Internet-The Important Videos Playlist

Hello and welcome to Legends of the Internet! This is something a bit different where I take a look at all the wacky, weird and awesome things that populate the Internet, cover what they are and explain why they exist. If you’re looking for something new and intriguing to surprise you then you should love this! Today we are looking at The “Important Videos” playlist, the ultimate collection of meme videos.

What is the “Important Videos” Playlist? 

The “Important Videos” playlist is a Youtube playlist currently containing a total of 311 meme videos created by user eljolto in 2015. Somehow this playlist gained a lot of traction over a year and now it is at the point where it is something on an Internet phenomenon with almost every video in the playlist having at least a million views. I recently found it after seeing it in my recommended videos constantly and finally deciding to give into curiosity and take a look at it. I’ve never been the same since. The playlist contains a variety of meme culture videos from popular and viral memes such as ‘yee'(shown in the picture above) to videos that almost nobody had seen before they were added. Every single video went viral however(if they weren’t already) upon being added to the playlist. All of them are incredibly short but funny, if not for the content, for the sheer randomness and difference between each consecutive video. An example of this randomness is”Who was flickering the lights?”, a scene from Spongebob where after squidward ask “Who was flickering the lights?” a person who I assume to be a wrestler from RAW answers with “It’s me Austin!”. This is followed by a “Sad Full House” video where a man tells a young girl called Stephanie how disappointed he is in her before it suddenly cuts to the overly happy credits song. I could give a hundred other examples but I don’t want to spoil it for you. The “Important Videos” playlist is best experienced without any prior knowledge of the wonders that populate it.

Why was the “Important Videos” Playlist created?

Despite becoming somewhat of a legend on Youtube now, the creator eljolto created it with anything but that in mind. Originally it was just a simple way for his friends to watch all the memes he had found in his endeavours on the Internet in one place easily. Slowly the playlist grew and grew until it became what it is today. Now it is almost a pilgrimage for regular users of the Internet, Youtube and memelords as a whole to watch every single one of the videos in the playlist without pause. One day, I intend to do this myself. Completing the playlist is deserving of a badge of honour to a lot of people.

How did it get so popular?

One question still gnaws at the minds of everyone who has found this bizarre creation of the Internet however. How DID it get so popular? I asked myself the same question as I feasted my eyes upon the glorious memes in the playlist. Currently the playlist sits at an absolutely astounding 142 million views which is by no means easy to achieve, especially on accident. Eljolto, the creator of the playlist theorises that since the videos are very short, it is easy to watch a lot of them and the variety present also plays a part. This would make sense. The fact that the videos encompass such a wide variety of topics could be the reason the playlist garnered such a large audience. Or maybe it is just another mystery of Youtubes strange algorithms. Although I view quite a lot of humorous meme videos(We are Number One!) I have found other videos in my playlist I would take little to not interest in such as fire ants trying to escape their man-made home. The truth is that no one knows, not even the creator himself. That alone is reason enough for it to be considered a legend of the Internet.

Watch the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7XlqX4npddfrdpMCxBnNZXg2GFll7t5y

See if you can challenge yourself to watch all the videos in one sitting!

Join me next time as I talk about my unhealthy obsession with the LazyTown “We are Number One” memes and thanks for reading!




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