Flash Friday-Medieval Cop 2: The True Monster

Welcome to Flash Friday! This is where I look at some of the awesome and creative flash games you can play for free on the Internet. Today we are looking at the swiftly released sequel to Medieval Cop: Death of a Lawyer. What improvements does it make over its predecessor and does the creator succeed in maintaining the humour of the first game? Let’s find out!

This time, Dregg, despite being ill, is dragged into a case by Tira Lawford, the quick-to- jump-to-conclusions cop from the last game. The case, like in the previous game, is a murder but the main difference is that it was presumably a dragon who committed the murder rather than a person. At first the case seems clear and simple. A dragon somehow got into the bathroom of the restaurant where a university professor was having a party and brutally murdered him. Case closed, right? Dragons are merciless, brutal creatures aren’t they? Well Dregg isn’t so sure and decides to investigate further. Luckily the dragon won’t be executed immediately as it has been decided that the dragon will be given a court trial(I know, it’s ridiculous) so the Kingdom of Rightia looks good to all the other kingdoms(apart from Balboa, yet to be revealed). This gives Dregg a short while to turn the case around and find out just who is the true monster.

Many of the good things about the first, brilliant Medieval Cop are also present in its sequel. Just like Death of a Lawyer the comedy is hilarious and perfectly timed throughout the game and I couldn’t help laughing at some of the jokes. Dregg is also just as depressed, sarcastic and world-despising as he was in the previous game. I just simply can’t get enough of him. Dregg is one of the most unique anti-heroes I think I’ve ever seen. We also start to see character development in this entry to the series. As I stated earlier, Dregg is ill and the case seems obvious and hard to disprove yet for some reason he doesn’t just go back home. He refuses to until he is sure this barbaric creature is indeed as barbaric as it is made out to be. Later on he even shows what could be viewed as compassion. It’s clear there is more to Dregg than meets the eye and it will be interesting to see how he develops in later games.

One of the big problems with the first game however was how limited and claustrophobic it felt. The Kingdom of Rightia and the Medieval Cop world as a whole felt brimming with personality yet most of the game was confined to a single room. Thankfully, GeminiGamer must of realised this as many more characters are introduced in this game and I’m glad to say they are all unique and equally intriguing characters. We get to meet some of Dregg’s family such as his sister, the king and his council and Dregg’s sadist nephews who are introduced to us debating among themselves whether they should bury Dregg while he is sleeping. As well as this is Dregg’s “rival”(I say that lightly) who despite being a higher-ranking officer than Dregg seems just as fond as jumping to conclusions as Tira and is ,to be honest, quite idiotic. He got almost as many laughs out of me as Dregg which is no easy feat. The game is just as well-written as its predecessor. Hopefully GeminiGamer can maintain this momentum.

Some of the problems with the first game still carry over however. Although a bit longer, Medieval Cop 2 is still quite a short game taking me around 40 minutes to complete being sure to investigate everything. The gameplay and interactivity is also quite minimal however GeminiGamer still gives a convincing illusion. Debates are more than just dialogue with a few options to choose from to progress the investigation every now and then or at least it looks like that. Upon starting a debate you are entered into a Final Fantasyesque battle system where you stare down your opponent and cast a spell upon proving your point. Mechanically however, the gameplay is the same, it just looks a little better.

Overall, GeminiGamer continues to impress with a well-written story and great characters with a surprising twist at the end that was much harder to predict than the previous game. The music is also kickass and fitting, kicking in at just the right times. Despite lacking in gameplay, Medieval Cop 2 is a well-written, fun and unique game. The next case Dregg is going to tackle looks to be much bigger and world-changing from the foreshadowing at the end.I am sure GeminiGamer will not disappoint.


  • Free
  • Well-written
  • Interesting characters
  • Fitting music
  • Great story
  • Brilliant humour


  • Short
  • Little gameplay and interactivity

Verdict: 8/10

Play it for free here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/vasantj/medieval-cop-the-true-monster

Check out the creators Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2572101


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