Flash Friday-Medieval Cop 3:The Princess and the Grump(Spoilers for previous Medieval Cop games)

Welcome to Flash Friday! This is where I look at some of the awesome and creative flash games you can play for free on the Internet. Medieval Cop is back and this time Dregg isn’t solving a small-time case, it’s an investigation that could affect the entire future of the Kingdom of Rightia!

Medieval Cop 3 opens quite randomly with Dregg dreaming about finally destroying the post office which he hates for some yet unknown reason. After this sudden and strange yet surprisingly funny joke, you are thrown into the story. Dregg is bribed with the promise that his petition to make post office massacres legal will be passed if he helps the royal family sort out a little problem they have. The princess has been kidnapped. Swiftly, Dregg makes the discovery that one of the four council members introduced in the previous game is responsible for the Princesses abduction. Can Dregg find out which of the council members is guilty and save the princess before it is too late?

That’s the gist of it; the story still remains a strong point in the Medieval Cop series. As with the previous game, some new characters are also introduced. An odd(but in this series who isn’t?) warrior called Felicia who’s lopsided morals boil down to beat up first and ask questions later. The Gothic and narcissistic Emily and her equally Gothic brother Ethan who follows everything she says without question. A greedy and snobby merchant called Dulard and ,of course, the Princess herself who also happens to be somewhat of a celebrity musician. With the exception of the Princess the other characters appear quite briefly. I assume they will have more important roles in future games. There is also continuity from the previous games with several characters returning including the brilliant, sadist twins Mina and Ina and a certain villain from the first game who can be likened to a lion, always ready to pounce and kill you without a thought.

Medieval Cop 3 makes a small but nevertheless welcome addition of a factfile for all the characters in the game. I enjoyed going through the characters as I met them and learning more about them. Although there were some problems with the menu at first, they have been fixed at the time of writing. As they are now, the presentation is nice and the menus are simple and easy to read through. Unfortunately, the grammar errors that were oh so common in previous games are still present in this game and I am finding myself continually annoyed by them however minor they may be.

There is not a lot I can say about Medieval Cop 3 that won’t be a familiar echo of what I said in my reviews of the previous games but the games and especially the story only continue to get better and better. The games have also steadily been getting longer with this entry taking around an hour to complete which isn’t bad for a Flash game. Despite the lack of gameplay, Medieval Cop is a game I and many others greatly enjoy playing through. Now the story seems to be escalating more rapidly(especially because of that ending) I am interested to see what happens next. GeminiGamer definitely seems to be expanding his universe and setting up for future games. I hear the next game in the series, “The Invidia Games” does things a little differently so expect a longer review next week.


  • Free
  • Great humour
  • Story just keeps getting better
  • Even more well-written characters
  • Music is still kickass
  • Slightly longer than previous games


  • Lack of gameplay
  • Grammar errors continue to infuriate

Verdict: 8/10

Play the game here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/vasantj/medieval-cop-the-princess-and-the-grump

Check out the creators Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2572101



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