SMITE-Top 5 Ultimate Abilities

Ultimate abilities are the most powerful attacks a god in SMITE can unleash to give their enemies a bad time. A well-timed ultimate can be the difference between winning or losing a team fight or even the entire game. They can have a profound effect on the outcome of the game so as you can guess they are one of the most important tools you can utilise in SMITE to achieve victory. In this list I have compiled the ultimate’s that I consider the best in the game whether it’s due to the massive crippling effect it can have on the enemy team, the sheer power of the ultimate or its flashiness and style. To make it a bit more interesting I am forcing myself to pick one for each of the five roles in the game. Remember, this is just my opinion so you can disagree with me and comment your favourite ultimate’s if you like! Anyway, onto the list…

#5 Ring of Spears-Odin


I despise Odin. His kit can be described by the screams of rage its victims give upon falling victim to it. Seeing an Odin leap out at you from behind a wall about to crush you like an insignificant bug is enough to cause a punch hole to swiftly appear in your computer. Even worse however, is his ultimate and despite how much I loathe those who play Odin, the destructive potential of his ultimate can not be denied. Ring of Spears creates a… yes, you guessed it, a ring of spears! This ring cannot be destroyed or passed through by anyone on the enemy team and does not disappear for a punishing six seconds. Although it doesn’t sound that long, it’s an age in a game of SMITE. Oh, and did I mention you have your attack speed reduced and cannot heal in the ring while Odin is immune to slow and root effects? Enemies that die in it also give him a PERMANENT physical power boost. Not to mention the cooldown is ridiculously short(it can go down to 40 seconds) meaning even if you get phantom to counter it, you are still not safe. The dread I feel in anticipation of his ultimate cannot be described. It is incredibly crippling to the enemy team and in my opinion warrants a serious nerf.

#4 Fear No Evil-Hun Batzmaxresdefault2

I mentioned in my Top 10 SMITE gods list that Hun Batz is the physical manifestation of chaos. If so, Fear No Evil is the epitome of this. One being placed in the right place at the right time-which isn’t very hard-can send Hun’s enemies reeling and fleeing for their life like scared children. Although it only lasts a few seconds, the fear effect gives Hun and his teammates more than enough time to turn a team fight around and pick off the enemies one by one. Hun may be an assassin but this ultimate makes him more than viable in a team fight giving his allies an opening and punishing any foes who had the gall to wander into the cramped jungle with you around. The only reason this ultimate isn’t any higher is because it doesn’t really have the “WOW” factor other ultimate’s emit and is woefully simple visually. Nevertheless, this ultimate will make any enemy god quake in fear no matter how big or powerful they may be.

#3 Rewind-Chronos


How could I leave this ultimate off the list? It is far too useful to be ignored. Rewind is one of the single most useful and simple ultimate’s in the game. Once activated, Chronos goes back in time going back to his position 8 seconds ago regaining the health and mana and instantly resetting all his cooldowns. No words can describe the pain your foes will experience upon watching you activate it at just the right time, slipping through their grasp like a fish, slapping them as you go. This ultimate basically gives Chronos a second chance to escape or turn the tides on his foes and swiftly transition from hunted to hunter now he has the advantage. Chronos’ ultimate is quite literally the ultimate troll and turnaround at the same time. Not to mention the rapid animation looks pretty awesome too. You’ll understand just how brutal this ultimate is the first time a Chronos rewinds and denies you of your hard-earned kill.

#2 Draconic Corruption-Fafnir


Fafnir’s ultimate gets the award for single most awesome-looking ultimate in the entire game. Upon activation, Fafnir collapses on the ground and slowly transforms into a dragon causing an “Oh shit” to escape from the lips of any enemies that bear witness to the gruesome transformation. Any foes nearby are poisoned, his basic attacks change to a powerful dragon breath and all his abilities become more powerful. You thought Fafnir was a problem before? Prepare yourself, for his dragon form is hard to kill, hard to endure and terrifying to be chased by. Ao Kuang can also transform into a dragon but I decided to choose Fafnir’s over his simply because only one person is in jeopardy from his ultimate while everyone suffers from Fafnir’s. Here’s a tip for when you see Fafnir begin to change: turn around and run back to your fountain as fast as possible.

#1 Across the Sky-Apollo


I may consider Fafnir’s Draconic Corruption to be most visually-pleasing ultimate in the game but Apollo’s is definitely a close second. Seeing a god jump into the air and land on a golden chariot pulled by flaming horses isn’t going to be forgotten any time soon, especially if that god is steering the chariot towards YOU. The reason I consider Apollo’s ultimate to be the best in the game is simply because of its long reach and the fear it inspires in the enemy knowing it could strike at any moment. While it is possible to escape Fafnir’s ultimate, nothing can escape Apollo’s ultimate. It’s range is unlimited. No matter where you may be hiding, Apollo’s ultimate can find you. If you are on your own when Apollo finds you and don’t have much in the way of defence or health, you may as well give up then. Across the Sky is the perfect chasing tool and it’s presence is felt throughout the entire game. That’s why I consider it to be the best ultimate in the game.

Honorable Mentions

King of the Eastern Seas-Ao Kuang



Somersault Cloud-Sun Wukong

Terra’s Blessing-Terra

Did you enjoy the list? Please post any constructive criticism you have in the comments. Also feel free to comment what ultimate’s you think are the best!


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