Unpopular Opinions: I never got the GTA craze…

Hello and welcome to Unpopular Opinions! This is where I share some of my less popular opinions that are sure to get you to hate me because your opinion is right and mine is wrong! In all seriousness, this is just my opinion, feel free to share yours in the comments but please respect mine. Today I will be expressing my naivety to the incredibly popular game series GTA and more specifically GTA V.

GTA or Grand Theft Auto is one of the most well-known and influential video games in history selling millions of copies. In particular, the recent GTA V has been met with staggering success. Thousands of gamer’s even chose to take the day off work just to get a copy of the game and play it for the day. During 2013, you couldn’t look anywhere on the Internet or in real life without seeing GTA V and a smug picture of one of the protagonists. Heck, do I even need to tell you what it is? Probably not. So why is it then that I don’t like this series?

Before I go off on a massive rant about all that’s bad with the game I’d like to take some time to talk about the good parts of the game. I like the attention to detail that’s present in the massive game world of Los Santos. It feels like a living breathing city and the sheer amount that you can explore is staggering. There is a massive amount of realism to the game and it’s clear the developers took a lot of care when building the world. Finally, I also hold a lot of respect for the developers continuing to update the game with healthy amounts of content even years after its release.

So, I’ve gone over the main things I like about GTA, now it’s time top try and explain why I just never got it’s allure and popularity. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the game is incredibly realistic which is great for people that like that kind of thing. However, I am not one of those people. I play games to escape reality and immerse myself in a different world but in no way do I feel immersed in GTA. It almost feels like my ability to have fun is just severely limited compared to other games. Whenever I try to perform some kind of crazy stunt I’m usually dead the second I hit the floor and even my death is in no way satisfying. The screen gets an instagram filter, “WASTED” appears on the screen then I have to wait around five hours to appear at a hospital and get back into the game. I can hardly jump out of a moving car without having to go through that again.

Not to mention, the main part of the game, the shooting is just as dull and unsatisfying. Whenever I hit an enemy it feels like it barely has any impact. Again, just a brief instagram filter and screen pulse and that’s it. Most of the time I wouldn’t even notice I’d killed an enemy and continue pumping bullets into a dead body. It just has no fun factor for me. The story isn’t amazing either. All of the three protagonists are just different shades of asshole. Trevor was the only one I liked the smallest bit simply because of all the insane stuff I enjoyed watching him do while at the same time moping on the fact that I couldn’t do all that crazy stuff because of the realism.

As well as that the ending is horrible and just leaves a hollow feeling in your stomach. SPOILERS: You can either choose to kill Mike or Trevor as Franklin to get some heat off from all the people who hate your guts OR you can just choose to kill all your enemies. Either way all the people who hate you NEVER attack you anyway meaning the last option is superior in every way. But this option gives no closure at all because Steve Haines, the very definition of douche and even worse than the main characters has one of the most disappointing deaths ever, again, due to the limited nature of the game. You are allowed to kill him ONE way and ONE way only: a sniper shot to the head. Try any other way, try to do some cool stuff or an epic Rambo attack and you fail the mission. That was one of the main things that increased my dislike of GTA V even more.

Compare this to Saints Row(yes, you probably snickered at that and are writing your scathing comment of fury right now), one of my favourite open-world game franchises. There are several gangs and an evil corporation you fight against in Saints Row 2 each with their own differing styles, motives and storylines and you can choose to progress the story of one gang at any time meaning you have more freedom in choosing who you want to take down. Slowly you become a thorn in their side, taking out members, ruining their operations and eventually taking down the officers and subordinates of the gang leader who are great villains in their own right. Taking them down one by one feels satisfying, sacrifices are made to defeat them but ultimately when you finally crush them and take over their territory it is an awesome feeling.

Now, don’t even get me started on GTA online. I can think of a hundred reasons why this online mode should of lost its players years ago. But the main problem is just how hard it is to actually PLAY one of the various activities you can take part in. First, you need to actually get into a lobby then the waiting begins… and more waiting while the players sing into their mic or play music… and more… and FINALLY, the minimum amount of players has been reached… aaaaand the host just left and you’ve been kicked out of the lobby. Time to get into another lobby for MORE fun waiting. Finally, you’ve got into a game! Okay, time to make some chaos! Just as you get to the action after a 30 minute car drive someone on the other side of the map accidentally clipped a wing on his plane and exploded in a ball of flame. Alright guys, time to start the ENTIRE activity from the beginning again! Such fun, am I right?

Maybe I’m just biased because of my dislike of games that focus too heavily on realism. It’s the same reason a lot of racing and sports games never appealed to me. However, with the glaring amount of problems  with the online and dissatisfying nature of singleplayer I still wonder why it’s still praised as a perfect game with no mention of either the tiniest fault. It’s not like GTA V is a particularly bad game, by no means it’s not the worst I’ve played but its not the most thrilling or impressive game I’ve played either.

Anyway, that was my unpopular opinion on GTA V. Hopefully you don’t hate me and are pumping out an angry rant right now. I’m interested to hear what you think below but show respect to mine and other people’s opinion.


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