Top Five Garry’s Mod Gamemodes

There is no shortage of gamemodes to play in Garry’s Mod. Apart from the base game Sandbox there are dozens of other user-created gamemodes that each celebrate Garry’s Mod’s ordered chaos in their own unique way. From hunting down everyday objects in Prop Hunt to chomping and stomping on pigmasks in Ultimate Chimera Hunt, Garry’s Mod is sure to surprise you at every conceivable opportunity. These are just a few drops of water in the stream of the gamemodes I enjoy and also think you will enjoy playing. These are my Top 5 Garry’s Mod Gamemodes.

#5 Trouble in Terrorist Town


Trouble in Terrorist Town is currently the most popular gamemode in Garry’s Mod and although I never liked it as much as some of the other gamemodes in GMod, it can’t be denied that TTT is incredibly fun to play. The players are split into two teams. Innocent and Traitor. Traitors have to kill all the innocents and vice versa for the innocents. But here’s the twist: the innocent have no idea which players are terrorists and which are innocents. From the second you start the game, there is a sort of tension in the air where everyone is wary of everyone else, expecting a knife or bullet in the back at any second. Traitors have to try and separate the innocents and pick them off one by one due to being outnumbered and the detective on the innocents team having a pistol with which to off them if their true intent is discovered. Whichever team you are on, it truly is intense as you try to convince everyone else you are innocent with death being the incentive. In my opinion however, there are even better gamemodes to be played.

#4 Ultimate Chimera Hunt


Ultimate Chimera Hunt is one of the more underrated and less well-known gamemodes on this list but I personally find it to be an entertaining, ultimate test of teamwork. Originally starting as one of the several gamemodes on the now unfortunately shut down GMod Tower, UCH, inspired by the cult-classic RPG Earthbound, quickly became its own standalone game on other servers such as Raphy’s UCH. The concept is simple. One person is chosen to be the chimera, a massive robot monster with incredible strength, able to easily kill the other team-the pigmasks-with a single bite or stomp, it’s roar able to render a pigmask helpless as it runs away in fear. There is one way and one way only to stop the Ultimate Chimera if you are on the pigmask team. Press a button on its back. Good luck getting to it without working together with your team to divert its attention while another pigmask tries to sneak up behind the chimera. It only gets more and more frenzied as the game goes on and only a few pigmasks are left as the solitary hope of stopping this unstoppable monster. You’ll never get tired of flinging yourself at the chimera’s back to try and press the button before it chows down on your only remaining teammates.

#3 Zombie Survival


Another one of the less popular gamemodes yet not as obscure as Ultimate Chimera Hunt, Zombie Survival is a gamemode that is sure to test your skills and teamwork. Zombie Survival is… very simply a zombie survival. A few players are chosen to be the first zombies and they proceed to try and recruit more undead to their regime by eating their brains. A few small quirks make this gamemode all the better however. Players can buy weapons and turrets and also form makeshift barricades from any random objects they may find to slow down the zombies. The game is evened out a bit for the zombies by allowing them to select several different zombies each with their own unique skills. Of course, there is the simple well-rounded zombie but you can also play as smaller headcrab zombies that can fit into smaller gaps and are hard to hit but weak, wraiths that can turn invisible to ambush survivors and even boss zombies at some points as well as a whole bunch of other zombie types. This keeps the game fresh and interesting as you try a different approach with a different zombie to try and one-up the survivors. You’ll never forget the moments when your backed up to the attic of a mansion as the last survivor, you’re almost out of ammo and your barricade is failing.

#2 Prop Hunt


Prop Hunt is currently the second most popular GMod gamemode and for good reason. In essence, Prop Hunt is technically just a glorified game of Hide and Seek or Cat and Mouse but this doesn’t stop it from being an entertaining experience for you and your friends. One team, the hunters, are tasked with hunting the props down and killing them before time runs out. This is made harder and more intense by the fact that the props have the ability to disguise themselves as any props and objects they can find no matter how big or small. I’ve broken down in sweat before as a hunter stares at me disguised as a bed trying to be as still as possible and thinking “Is he going to shoot? Should I run or wait?” as the hunter contemplates whether that bed was a little more to the left last time he was in the room. It doesn’t really need any more explaining why its such a great idea. I’ve had so many laughs and great moments playing this with just strangers let alone friends.

#1 Jailbreak 


Jailbreak is my personal favourite Garry’s Mod gamemode and probably my most played one after the aforementioned GMod Tower. Jailbreak is a roleplay-like game where the players are split into two teams: the prisoners and the guards. The prisoners far outnumber the guards but they don’t spawn with weapons like the guards do meaning they have to find one to break out which isn’t easy when they are under constant watch. As prisoner, you constantly have to look for ways to escape through vents and secret passageways while being careful to not get spotted at risk of getting shot by the guards. One player on the guards team plays the warden and issues instructions to the prisoners with the threat of death if they don’t do what he says. This includes playing a variety of games. Some are built into the map and some are just made by the wardens imagination but almost all carry the risk of death for the prisoners.

There are many reasons I love this gamemode but the main reason is probably due to how enjoyable it is to play no matter what you do. I had plenty of fun just taking part in the wardens games and trying to be the last survivor while others get a thrill out of making daring escapes and starting a riot. Others still like issuing commands as the warden and trying to find an excuse to kill off a prisoner fairly. No game is the same and so I never find myself tiring of it after a while because of how many different ways the game could go. I never have a disappointing game when playing this gamemode. There is always some new way a warden or disobedient prisoner has of playing.

So that was my top 5 Garry’s Mod gamemodes. I’m interested to know what gamemodes in Garry’s Mod you like playing. Feel free to leave your opinions in the comments.

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