Community Spotlight: Left 4 Dead 2-Helm’s Deep Reborn

Welcome to Community Spotlight! This is where I look at the amazing creations made by the community. Whether it’s a mod, from the Steam Workshop or something else entirely, I cover it in detail. Today we will be looking at a custom survival map which allows you to defend Helm’s Deep from The Lord of the Ring’s from the hordes of the undead in a truly epic fashion!

Left 4 Dead 2’s Steam Workshop is definitely one of the most active on Steam despite the game being released almost eight years ago now with dozens of mods being made available to download every month. Most of them are fun model and sound effect changes such as a popular mod that plays “Smoke weed every day” in place of the normal sounds the special infected Smoker makes. However, there is still a large amount of custom campaigns and survival maps to make games all that more interesting. One map in particular though stands out from this treasure trove: Helm’s Deep Reborn.

If that name doesn’t ring a bell for you then allow me to explain what it is. If you haven’t heard of Helm’s Deep then you’ve almost definitely heard of “Lord of the Rings”, the popular fictional, fantasy series written by the well-known author J.R.R Tolkien. There are also three movies based on the book. Helm’s Deep is a colossal, intimidating fortress in the fantasy world he has created and someone found the time to re-create it in Left 4 Dead 2 turning it into a survival map for you and your friends to enjoy protecting against the merciless zombie mob. It is clear the creator SeriouS_Samurai is a big fan of Tolkien’s series as the garrison has been re-created in astonishingly accurate detail. It’s amazing enough to look at from far away without the impeding threat of the zombie horde banging at its sturdy walls.

One of the things that makes it stand out in the Steam Workshop is the fact that you can access every inch of the structure. As you attempt to repel the zombie horde, at certain times events can occur to shake things up. One example of this is the first wall being breached after 4 minutes forcing you and your teammates to retreat and guard the gaping gap in your defences. Later on, you are even pushed back to the inner fortress and have to prevent the front gate being broken down for as long as possible. The feeling of an epic battle is also re-created as you battle for every bit of space in the fortress felling enemy after enemy. But nevertheless, they keep coming and you begin to run out of ammo and other items yet you keep fighting in the hopes that you can hold them off just that little bit longer. I won’t spoil the ending as it will somewhat downplay the reward of 30 minutes(yes, it can go on that long) of non-stop fighting but I will say it involves a heroic charge back through the broken front gate in slow motion. It almost feels like you’re there fighting in the movie but instead of fighting fantasy creatures, you are fighting zombies.

There are also a few melee weapons included with the map which helps the immersion more than it should considering the fact you’re fighting zombies in a huge fantasy fortress with miniguns mounted on the outer wall being your main way of mowing them down. An elf from the book and movies called Legolas serves as a funny way of blocking you from area’s of the map until a certain time has passed. These are small but nevertheless nice touches that I thought were worth mentioning.

Overall, Helm’s Deep is just a whole lot of fun to play, especially with other people. For a free mod, Helm’s Deep has a lot of work put into it and it’s clear the creator took a lot of care when making it as the fortress of Rohan looks just as glorious as it did in the movies. I highly recommend you check it out and support the creator if you have Left 4 Dead 2. It’s a more than welcome change from the Mcdonald’s survival I’ve been playing for a while now.

You can download Helm’s Deep for free here:

Or here:



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