SMITE-The Simple Guide to Relics

Welcome to the simple guide to relics! In this guide I will be going over the relics I recommend for playing certain gods and countering certain gods. If you’re new to the game then this guide will hopefully give you a better idea as to which relics to pick depending on your team and the enemy team.These are just recommendations however so don’t think you ALWAYS have to pick a certain relic in certain situations, it all depends on the playstyle of you and your teammates.

Quick Overview of Relics

Sanctuary: Safe relic for if you’re unsure as it is effective against a lot of gods. It gives you two seconds of invincibility though be aware you can’t attack while it’s in effect.

Sprint: Makes you go fast! Affect an area so it can be used to aid teammates as well.

Frenzy: Removes disarm(unable to use basics), increases damage and attack speed and increased damage against objectives. One of my personal favourites. Good for securing objectives, destroying structures fast and giving you an edge in a team fight.

Curse: Reduces movement speed and healing of enemy gods within an area drastically.

Wrath: Deals large damage to minions and jungle camps and stuns gods for a second.

Blink: Instantly teleports you to the area indicated though you must not have dealt or been dealt damage for two seconds. Mainly a good option for guardians with powerful CC ultimate’s like Ares and Xing Tian.

Purification: Absorbs a CC effect and makes you immune to new ones for two seconds. CC(crowd control) includes stuns, roots, cripples, silences e.t.c. Very important in countering gods like Ares and Hercules which have powerful CC abilities.

Teleport: Teleport to an allied tower or ward while waiting in place a short while. Mainly only used in the solo lane in conquest.

Meditation: A good, relatively safe relic that works great as an alternative to sanctuary. Instantly  restores a medium amount of health and mana to allies in an area including you. Mainly used by guardians and support roles.

Shell: Reduces damage and increases protections of allied gods in an area for a short while. Again, mainly used by guardian and support roles.

Scout: Allows you to place a free sentry ward and earn 25 gold for every enemy ward it reveals. I’ve personally never found it useful but that’s just me.

Sunder: Fires a projectile that deals a bit of damage and reduces the protections and attack speed of the enemy hit. Again, as with scout, I’ve never really found much of a use for it.

Thorns: Reflects 40% of the damage you take back to the enemy that dealt it. I think it’s quite an underrated relic though it does work better with certain gods.

Phantom: Allows you and your allies in a short area to pass through enemies and enemy structures such as Odin’s Cage of Spears and Ymir’s wall. It also completely gets rid of your basic attack movement penalty(reduced movement speed while attacking).

Counter Relics

Certain gods are difficult to play well against because their abilities(usually their ultimate) are hard to avoid, can result in your entire team being wiped out and can’t be countered with a simple activation of sanctuary. However, purchasing certain relics can make fighting them a lot easier. If a god is not on this list it means a simple sanctuary will suffice to decrease the effectiveness of their attacks. The requirement level is a measure of how much you need that relic against that god. Low means that the relic can help but isn’t generally needed if there are other relics you can use to increase your effectiveness and sanctuary can help just as much, if not more. Medium means getting the relic is recommended but you can still do well if you’re skilled enough at avoiding the gods attack(s). High means the relic is basically a NEED unless you want your team to get owned. Mediums and Highs are the ones you should take note of and be concerned about. Anyway,  here are the relics I recommend buying when you are facing certain enemy gods.

God Name         Relic to counter     How it Counters them     Requirement lvl

Amaterasu         Purification            Escape ultimate stun                Low

Anubis                Purification            Escape mummify                        Low

Ares                     Purification           Absorb ultimate                           High

Artemis              Purification           Escape Boar Stun                         Low

Athena               Purification            Escape taunt                                 Medium

Cabrakan           Phantom                 Escape ultimate                           Medium

Chaac                  Curse/Sprint          Prevent him chasing                  Low

Chang’e              Purification          Counter ultimate stun                Low

Cupid                  Sprint                      Escape AOE ultimate                  Medium

Erlang Shen     Purification            Escape spear stun                        Low

Fenrir                 Purification           Escape ultimate                            High

Geb                    Purification             Escape ultimate stun                  Low

Hades               Purification             Escape ultimate                            High

Hercules          Purification             Escape pull and stun                   Medium

Hun Batz        Purification              Escape ultimate                            High

Janus               Purification              Escape portal                                 Low

Kali                 Curse/Sprint             Escape ultimate aura                   Low

Khepri           Purification               Escape pull and stun                    Medium

Kumbha        Purification              Escape CC chain                             Medium

Medusa         Purification               Escape stun                                     Low

Neith            Purification               Escape stun                                      Low

Nox               Purification               Escape root                                       Medium

Odin             Phantom                    Escape ultimate                               High

Poseidon    Purification               Absorb ultimate                               Low(sanct works too)

Raijin          Purification               Escape taunt + fear ultimate        Low

Scylla         Purification                Escape root                                        Low

Skadi         Curse/Sprint               Escape ultimate                               Low

Sobek        Purification/Sprint   Escape throw/ultimate                 Medium

Sylvanus   Purification                Escape rooty pull                            Medium

Thor           Phantom                     Move through wall                         Low

Tyr              Purification                Escape juggle                                   Medium

Vamana    Sprint                           Escape ultimate                              Low

Xing Tian Purification                Escape ultimate                               High

Ymir         Phantom                      Move through wall                          Medium

Zhong     Curse/Sprint                Escape AOE ultimate                      Medium

Relic-God Combo’s

Using certain relics can make you all the more dangerous to the enemy team as certain gods and make it easier to hit some of your attacks. Again, if a god is not on this list it means there are no specialist relics that could increase their effectiveness and can do well with most of the staple relics(mainly sanctuary, meditation and purification). If you are not confident at avoiding certain god’s attacks without the aid of a relic and their ability has a high requirement level you should probably get the relic recommended above and choose one of these relics as your second relic at level 12. Here are the relics I recommend choosing for each god and why.

God Name         Relic               How it helps                               Requirement lvl

Agni                    Curse             Makes gods easier to ultimate      Low

Ares                   Blink               Surprise and ultimate gods           High

Bakasura          Curse              Prevents enemy escape                   Low

Bastet               Curse              Prevents enemy escape                   Low

Cabrakan         Blink              Surprise and ultimate gods            Medium

Chaac                Thorns           More effective at 1v1 fights            Low

Erlang Shen    Thorns           More effective at 1v1 fights            Low

Fenrir                Curse              Prevents enemy escape                  Low

Geb                    Blink               Surprise and ultimate gods           Medium

Hades               Thorns            Ultimate harder to escape             Medium

*Hades cannot activate thorns while his ultimate is active so be sure to activate it before.*

Hercules          Thorns           More effective at 1v1 fights            Low

Kali                   Curse              Prevents enemy escape                   Low

Osiris               Thorns           More effective at 1v1 fights            Low

Ravana            Thorns           More effective at 1v1 fights            Low

Skadi               Curse              Prevents enemy escape                   Low

Sun Wu          Frenzy            Rip through structures                    Medium

*I personally find that if you ultimate then use frenzy you can rip through towers in seconds, especially with minions helping.*

Sylvanus       Blink              Surprise and ultimate gods            Medium

Tyr                  Blink              Get behind and juggle enemies    Medium

Vamana        Curse              Slow enemies to help ult                Medium

Xing Tian     Blink               Surprise and ultimate gods            High

Ymir              Blink               Surprise and freeze gods                Medium

Zhong           Curse              Keep enemies in AOE ult                Medium


If you are playing conquest and are in the solo lane, it is recommended you get Teleport as you will be defending the lane on your own and will have to quickly return back to lane to defend it. Mid don’t need it as much as the jungler will never be far from middle lane and will often be close enough to help.


That was my simple guide to relics for SMITE! Remember, these are only recommendations  to help you if you are newer and unfamiliar with the game so don’t feel you have to follow it to the word. Experiment and try new idea’s! If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments and I will most likely add them. Criticism and feedback is also more than welcome.


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