Unpopular Opinions-Sorry, but I just don’t understand Dark Souls

Hello and welcome to Unpopular Opinions! This is where I share some of my less popular opinions that are sure to get you to hate me because your opinion is right and mine is wrong! In all seriousness, this is just my opinion, feel free to share yours in the comments but please respect mine. Today I will be talking about why I just can’t enjoy Dark Souls, the insanely popular hardcore RPG game.

Let me start by saying I don’t understand why I don’t like Dark Souls. Usually I’d be on it’s side, defending it for being a Triple A game that doesn’t conform to the norms and does something different than be a generic FPS, sports game or Ubisoft Open-world game. The series has a huge following with dedicated fans so when I had the opportunity to get the game for free then I took it, eager to find out why it was so well-received. I opened the game and played it. Then, after a measly two hours, I just couldn’t play anymore. I closed the game out of boredom and have had no desire to return to it since.

I already know what you’re thinking as you scroll down to type an angry comment. “You only played TWO hours! That’s approximately 1/15th of the game time! Come back once you finish the game noob!”. Really, I understand your point but when it comes down to it, first impressions are almost everything for a game. They determine whether the player will continue to play due to their newfound interest in this new world the game has presented them. If you don’t enjoy the first two hours of playing then why would you want to continue further and waste any more of your time? Anyway, back to Dark Souls. Why did I find it boring? I’m still trying to figure that out myself.

If I had to give one reason then I’d probably have to say it’s the music, or rather, lack thereof. Dark souls, is, in my opinion a very silent game. Apart from when you’re fighting bosses there isn’t much music to speak of. I have listened to some of the boss themes and have to admit, they are really good but I still have to have something in between. Music is one of the most important parts of a game to me. Even if it’s bad, there NEEDS to be something there, something to urge me onwards and inspire me as I wander the world. Otherwise, the game just feels hollow(no joke intended) to me and that’s exactly the kind of feeling I got playing Dark Souls. This, coupled with the punishing gameplay, caused my interest to rapidly dwindle.

Don’t get me wrong, I love hardcore games such as the equally popular Monster Hunter but they have much more reward to convince you to keep playing. This is another key problem I have with Dark Souls: there is very little reason to play for me. Let’s use an example for Monster Hunter. You spend hours trying to slay this one, unstoppable, destructive demon of a beast… and then you finally beat it! You then carve it and use its hide to make an awesome-looking, intimidating helmet. Everyone will now look at you and think: “That guy, killed THAT monster… he must be a badass!”. That kind of feeling of victory feels absent to me in Dark Souls. Instead, it’s more like: “Oh, you killed that epic, super-hard boss? Okay, well, carry on then!”. There needs to be SOME kind of reward for your show of skills but in Dark Souls, that reward doesn’t exist.

Finally, let me address the story. Before you start the game, there is a lengthy cutscene talking about  ancients and undead and a war against dragons or something or other. As you can probably guess, it is quite confusing and leaves you feeling quite lost, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It doesn’t explain where you fit in, which again, isn’t a bad thing yet this also means there is no incentive from the story to fight through these tough and merciless enemies and bosses. However, there is nothing to fill the incentive gap due to the reasons previously mentioned. If I was told I was the saviour of this expansive world or was on a mission of redemption, or heck, was even tasked with saving a princess, I might of had the inkling of intrigue that I needed to continue the game and really get into it. But there wasn’t any of that.

In the end, it’s probably just me and my silly taste that drew me away. Some people don’t need a reason to play a game but I DO. Maybe I’ll revisit the series at a later date and play some of the newer games but for now, I just simply can’t get my head around this supposed masterpiece.

That was my attempt to explain my dislike for the Dark Souls series. But please don’t think that because I didn’t like it, you won’t like it too! Everyone has different tastes. Feel free to share your opinion but please be sure to respect mine and other’s opinions!


One thought on “Unpopular Opinions-Sorry, but I just don’t understand Dark Souls

  1. I share the same distaste for Dark Souls. I bought one thinking it’ll be fantastic — my friends talked about it a ton so I figured I’d try it out. Like you said, it felt empty. I played maybe 3 hours, sent it back to GameStop, and got Skyrim instead. 😜

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