Flash Friday-Medieval Cop 6: Dregg me to Hell(spoilers for previous games)

Welcome to Flash Friday! This is where I look at some of the awesome and creative flash games you can play for free on the Internet. After a brief slow in pace in Medieval Cop 5, Dregg me to Hell ramps the speed right back up again with much higher stakes this time around than possibly any of the previous games. Dregg me to Hell does a great job of returning to the intense moments that made The Invidia Games so good.

In this entry to the series, Dregg is admitted to an asylum by his therapist and must find a way to escape before really going insane. But there is something lurking in the dark. A dangerous and malevolent patient whose cell is slowly weakening and allowing his presence to leak into the minds of other patients and doctors alike. Can Dregg stop him, or will he be Dregged to hell with everyone else? The setting is gloomy and sombre which is perfect, not just because the game is a Halloween special but also because it reflects Dregg’s inner depression and pessimism. He thought the asylum was a holiday resort at first for gods sake. It was almost built for the guy. As well as this, it gives GeminiGamer a way to play with many different styles of humour through the mad patients that you will talk to throughout. I especially enjoyed finding out anatidaephobia is the fear that somehow, somewhere a duck is watching you. Suffice to say, the jokes and comedy that form the basis of the series have amazingly not been lost after six games.

A familiar face, Ada from The Invidia Games provides a great partner for Dregg, annoying him in a way only she can. That’s not the only thing she brings to the table however. She also brings with her a new playstyle. Ada is just as good as Dregg at investigating strange happenings but she does so in a different way. Rather than just simply gathering clue’s and interrogating suspects, she pretends to be other people and uses their authority or position to persuade people to let slip information they wouldn’t otherwise. But the main way this comes into gameplay is when you say something incorrectly. Instead of just simply taking away your life, it gives you a chance to bluff your way out of the situation with a second set of options. You’re even forced to do this sometimes to find out new information that you could use to probe them further. It’s an interesting concept though the game is still as easy as the previous ones so it’s highly unlikely to provide a challenge. You only play Ada for a short while, but it’s a welcome change in approach.

The part I liked most about Dregg me to Hell however is the clue’s to Dregg’s backstory throughout the game and especially in the final dimensional debate. After finishing the game I feel like I understand Dregg much more than I did at the start of the series. We get to see into Dregg’s mind quite literally as the big baddie of this game has the ability to manipulate the dreams of anyone and turn them into their worst nightmare. Somehow, it manages to be humorously horrifying as you witness Dregg being tortured by his deepest, darkest fear: a happy and optimistic Dregg. It actually get’s quite interesting when you find out there is a reason for our pessimistic protagonist never wanting to be happy and content with life. Eventually, he is forced to release his true monster to defeat the terrifyingly powerful villain bouncing back his fears like a yoyo and turning them into his strength.

Although the final battle was rife with tension and epic, I wish the interactions had more meaning. You defeat the final boss simply through a game of spot the difference that isn’t very difficult at all. I assume you’ve played the fifth game now so I can mention this, the climatic dimensional debate in “The Secrets of Lucifer’s Wings” had a bit more of an impact since you had to deduce words linking to the brainwashed man you were fighting to bring him back to his senses. This made the fight feel a lot more personal though maybe that was just me.

Finally, the story also seems to be developing with more and more being revealed about the world. Despite being a ‘side-game’ of sorts, just like in The Secrets of Lucifer’s Wings, it still links to the main story that has been built up since the appearance of Eva in the first game. Through hints, it’s sounding something like a story of a war between God and his angels, Lucifer and death itself. By the sound of the title of the next game in the series-“Adam and Eva”-it seems like the story is only going to accelerate from now on. This series has kept me hooked since the first game so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what the big picture is.


  • Humour
  • Great writing
  • Story development
  • Dregg development
  • Ada has a fun different style of play
  • Free


  • Interactions in final battle have little meaning
  • Easy

Verdict: 8.5/10

Play the game here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/VasantJ/medieval-cop-dregg-me-to-hell

Support the creator’s Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2572101




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