SMITE-Top Five Worst Ultimate Abilities

Ultimate abilities are the trump cards of your chosen god. Whether they deal a shocking amount of damage, make the enemy team more susceptible to attack or turn you into an unstoppable best, one thing is for sure: they have the capability to completely turn a battle around in your favour. There arises a problem however, when a god’s ultimate ability is easy to avoid, barely damages the enemy team or is just overall underwhelming. When the epitome of everything your god is about is barely relevant then why would you want to pick them again? So today I will be counting down what I consider the five worst ultimate abilities in SMITE. To make it a bit more interesting I have limited myself to picking one ultimate per god role. Remember, this is just my opinion. If you like one of the ultimate’s on this list and think it’s useful, then that’s fine! Anyway, let’s start with number five…

#5 Cataclysm-Geb

Screenshot (79).png

You may remember me mentioning how much I love playing Geb in the “Top 10 Favourite SMITE God’s” list that I did which is why it pains me so much to put Geb and his ultimate on this list. Basically, he deals damage based on a percentage of the enemies’ max health and stuns them for a short duration. That’s it. First off, why not just base damage, why a percentage of their max health? This means Geb can NEVER finish off an enemy with his ultimate alone and even for a guardian, his damage is pretty puny. Secondly, the stun doesn’t last that long and when it does wear off, Geb’s probably in the centre of some very angry enemy gods who will then proceed to gang up on him. I can occasionally get some use out of it when I have good teammates who know to move fast and take advantage of my short stun but that doesn’t change the fact the ultimate is just boring. It is one of the most dull-looking ultimate’s in SMITE when you compare it to Ao Kuang turning into a dragon and eating someone or Xing Tian juggling five enemy gods on his axe before flinging them like an Olympic shot put contestant. Ironically, despite being an earthquake, this ultimate has very little impact.


#4 Circle of Protection-Isis


This is probably one of the ultimate’s on the list that will make you go “What?” out of disbelief. I can definitely understand why some people like this ult and think it is incredibly useful but I can never get the hang of using it. My main problem with the ultimate is simply how easy it is to escape. Even if you’re skilled enough to plant your staff directly on an enemy god so they’re at the centre, it takes about a second to walk out of without even counting leaps and dashes. I also have difficulty hitting people with Ymir’s ultimate but at least THAT applies a slow and can be made easier to land by his other abilities. Isis’ ultimate doesn’t apply anything, not a slow, not a root, not even a cripple. What doesn’t help it is the fact you are supposed to charge it up by DAMAGING enemies in its radius. I highly doubt the enemy is just going to kindly wait around while you damage them to build up your ult like a polite Brit waiting patiently for his host to return. Even if you do manage to charge it up and land it by some miracle, the damage and healing are both pitiful, especially for a mage. You can be healed way more by Ra’s solar blessing or Guan Yu’s conviction which are both normal abilities. The only advantage it has is that is pretty much instant if you decide not to charge it up but that’s it.

#3 Cat Call-Bastet

Screenshot (83).png

Assassins are all about damaging your foe’s fast, killing them in seconds then getting the heck out of there! In this regard, Bastet’s ultimate isn’t that bad… at first. She summons three cats that chase enemy gods, slow them and damage them. Early game, this ultimate is quite useful making it easier to chase and finish off isolated enemy gods but late game, the ultimate is hardly relevant. The problem is that your cats are not invincible, they can be killed. Although this is difficult early game, late game, it’s no problem at all, even for a single god. When an ultimate is pretty much useless at possibly the most important phase of a game, it’s not good. For that reason, Bastet pounces onto this list but unfortunately not landing on her feet.

#2 Mystic Rush-Ravana

Screenshot (85).png


Mystic Rush. One of the hardest to land ultimate’s that barely gives you any reward. The first thing you’ll notice about Mystic Rush is its tiny radius. It’s incredibly difficult to hit a single moving enemy with this, yet alone several at once, I don’t even know whether it’s possible to hit more than three people even if they’re standing still as close to each other as possible. “But, why are you talking about hitting several enemies with it? Ravana is a warrior so surely it would be used for attacking single targets.”. I thought that too when I first saw this ultimate in action but its effect is completely contradictory of this. The centermost target you hit is linked to Ravana and deals full damage to him while everyone else only does reduced damage. This makes it sound like you’re supposed to be aiming for several people at once to get the bonus of reduced damage but as I said earlier, this is one of the most difficult abilities to land on just a single god, let alone TWO or more. Mystic Rush is simply a lot of risk for very little reward.

#1 Darkest of Nights-Xbalanque

Screenshot (87).png

This ultimate… is near meaningless. It is easier to avoid than a very aggressive and persistent snail. You thought Isis’ ultimate was easy to escape, then listen to this. You can completely avoid the stun this ultimate applies by… standing still for half a second. You can avoid a god’s main source of power by simply stopping in your tracks for a short while. That’s it. The only barely useful thing it does is apply a blind while it activates which is pointless in a team brawl or when you are running away back to base. Who thought this ultimate would be a good idea? Seriously? I literally don’t know what else to say. In conclusion, this ultimate is bad.

(Dis)Honourable Mentions

Valkyrie’s Discretion-Freya

Shards of Ice-Ymir

Night Crawler-Arachne

Eagle’s Rally-Bellona

Air Strike-Jing Wei

So, that was my Top 5 worst ultimate abilities in SMITE. What ultimate abilities do you think suck? I’m interested to hear your opinions in the comments. Feel free to also leave any feedback or criticism as well, it’s appreciated.


3 thoughts on “SMITE-Top Five Worst Ultimate Abilities

  1. On the Isis, the fact that u mentioned “I can never get the hang of using it”, sounds like a you problem. Many people who can do really good with isis can manage to land that ultimate. Just sounded like you got frustrated u cud never do well with the ultimate, so u assume it’s bad, lol.


    1. Yeah, I admit that, and I agree some people can use it well. It’s just my opinion though, I’m not saying it’s fact as I outlined in the first paragraph. Maybe I should change the title to Least Favourite…


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