Legends of the Internet-What is SaltyBet?

Hello and welcome to Legends of the Internet! This is something a bit different where I take a look at all the wacky, weird and awesome things that populate the Internet, cover what they are and explain why they exist. Today we will be looking at Saltybet, the paradigm of “Who would win in a fight?”.

Remember when you were a kid? If you were anything like me, one of the subjects that was most often discussed was the age old question of who would win in a fight. Mario or Sonic? Ryu or Ken? Pirates or ninja’s? Barney the Dinosaur or Ronald Mcdonald? Well, Saltybet is a way you can solve these playground disputes and earn a lot of virtual salt while doing so… even though the loser probably has more real salt.

Saltybet is a website and Twitch stream that pits two AI controlled characters against each other in a fighting game engine called M.U.G.E.N. One of the best things about M.U.G.E.N is that anyone can make their own fighters, maps and music for stages if the time and effort in then share them online for everyone else to play around with. This means the roster for Saltybet is constantly expanding with new characters being added every single day. These characters come from various types of media and there are even a few original characters… though most of them are bad MS Paint creations. Video games, cartoons, anime, tv shows, comics, books internet memes, hybrid characters, you name it and it’s guaranteed someone’s made a version of it somewhere. Frankly ridiculous matchups you could never even imagine are the result of this open-source madness. Omega Tiger Woods vs Shaq Fu. Sad Claps(a glitchy Cyclops) vs Frank West. The aforementioned Barney the Dinosaur vs Ronald Mcdonald. These are just a few of the infinite possibilities Saltybet allows to happen.

Every fighter is put into a tier from P tier(potato tier) to the insanely OP X tier where almost every fighter has some kind of one-shot attack and/or teleports around the screen breaking the game. Apart from watching this cavalcade of characters duke it out, you can also bet the free virtual currency of saltybucks on the character you think will win. The more people vote on a character, the higher odds they have of winning and although being safer to bet on, only give you a fraction of what you bet as a reward. Betting on the underdog character almost no one has bet saltybucks is risky but results in a large reward which can make you salt rich if the odds are low enough. What makes Saltybet so fun is that you can never be 100% sure which way the battle is going to go. AI is unpredictable and anything can happen in the last few moments. The thrill and adrenaline was humongous when I went all in on Frank West in a tournament and saw him pull through in the final round, grasping victory by a mere slither of health and making me very salty and rich.

Don’t worry though. You can experience all of this for free. You start with a few hundred saltybucks initially and even if you run out and are forced to go to the salt mines, you’ll still dig your way out eventually. Saltybet does have an optional subscription service though for its loyal, regular users with nothing better to do. For a short sum, you can become a member of the Salty Illuminati which comes with a few perks. You’ll never go to the salt mines, you always earn a certain amount of money from betting if you win, you’ll get access to character stats and be able to change them and can request exhibition matches with contestants of your choice after a tournament among other things. Of course it’s completely optional but it provides a useful tool if you get as addicted to betting on fights as me.

The Saltybet community is also one of the nicest I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with. There are in-jokes you’ll quickly catch on to which have got a few laughs out of me. Some examples of these are: Always/never bet Dragon Ball Z, always bet waifu/boobs and always bet swords. There are also terms which you’ll only get if you hang around for a while. For example, if a character is ‘fake’, it means they are not the established version of a character and most likely have rubbish movesets to trick betters.

Saltybet is a site I’d highly recommend checking out whenever you have the time. I’ve only stuck around for a short while compared to some of the community who have been betting for years and know the roster like the back of their hand but I’ve already had so much fun and laughs with it. The best way I can describe Saltybet is a gambling addiction you’ll never regret getting into. Now, who do you think would win in a fight? Doctor Octopus or Mr. Rogers?

Check out Saltybet here: http://www.saltybet.com/


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