Flash Friday-Medieval Cop 7: Adam and Eva(Spoilers for previous games)

Welcome to Flash Friday! This is where I look at some of the awesome and creative flash games you can play for free on the Internet. Today we return to Medieval Cop in its 7th(yes, 7th) entry in the series, Adam and Eva. Celebrating the first anniversary of the series(and Dregg’s Birthday… sort of), Adam and Eva makes some bold steps in regards to telling its story. Do these steps aid the already stellar series in getting that much better or is it detrimental to the quality of the story? Let’s find out!

Adam and Eva gets off to a shocking start that gets you hooked instantly. Eva, who I guess I can say by now, is the main villain of the series is shown beating up the Prince of Scion she kidnapped in the fourth game: “The Invidia Games”. That’s not shocking though because the Prince of Scion is a huge asshole. What is however, is when the camera pans down to show Dregg lying in just as large a pool of blood and at the complete mercy of Eva. Despite being startling to view, GeminiGamer somehow manages to fit humour into the scene. Seriously, this running gag about Dregg hating  the post office gets me every single time!  After that, you start from eight hours before all of that happens as Dregg investigates a mysterious serial killer who is taking a life every hour. Medieval Cop 7 definitely starts your expectations off high… but does it maintain and deliver on those expectations? As much as it pains me, I have to say no.

Medieval Cop 7 is unfortunately let down by its confusing and anti-climatic ending. After an entire episode of build-up, I anticipated a mind-blow ending that would completely change how I saw the introduction. Unfortunately, no such thing ever happens. Dregg is sent defeated by a baddie even bigger than Eva and flung unceremoniously into a hole. Then it just ends. Quite suddenly, you are sent back to the title screen where I spent several confused minutes trying to find some fourth wall way of ‘righting’ the ending, going into the settings, credits, even starting a new game to no avail. Eventually, I begrudgingly accepted the ending with a mournful sigh. Every day since then, I have checked the comments of the game to see if someone has found the real ‘true’ ending but no one else seems to have had any luck. Shortly after, I played Medieval Shorts 3, the side series which I will cover at a later date and I enjoyed it a lot more than Medieval Cop 7 though it did nothing to help shed light on the murky, confusing ending despite being set around the same time as the events in Medieval Cop 7.

Anyway, I’ve ranted too much, let’s talk about the GOOD stuff. Fortunately, much of the stuff that made all the previous games great is still intact. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the comedy is still witty and cleverly written. Dregg’s still the same pessimistic prodigy he always is with the only difference being that it’s the pessimistic prodigy’s birthday. The music is still amazing and plays at just the right times to really get you pumped up. Tira-who seemed almost forgotten after the first game-makes a glorious return reminding me why I liked her so much in Death of a Lawyer. GeminiGamer still demonstrates his talent for writing a good murder mystery with a short yet sweet investigation near the start of the game. I loved the aesthetics and map design, mainly of the shady bar you visit around midway through the game with the dancers on the stage instilling some groovy life into the area. Finally, the puzzles seemed to be the best they’ve ever been, despite being simple, making you think before acting.

I was sad to see there was no Felicia or sadist twins in this game but the hole is more than filled by the Balboa team from The Invidia Games. There to investigate what happened to Eva, since she is from their kingdom, they prove interesting characters for the short time you get to witness their antics. Also-I can’t believe I’m saying this-I actually liked Bernard, the Prince of Scion, in Adam and Eva. I’m guessing the several months he has been held captive by Eva has softened him up a little because he was surprisingly less hateable and hell, even a little bit likeable. This really shows how good GeminiGamer is at writing characters for Medieval Cop. He even made an attempt at redeeming Eva and if it wasn’t for the confusing and abrupt ending, he also might have been successful in that regard as well.

Sadly, there are no real dimensional debates in this episode and the normal debate has a… questionable change. When giving your answers or selecting a certain piece of evidence you are on a short timer. On the one hand, it helps with the aesthetics as it feels like you are actually making your case on the spot rather than taking your sweet time to select an option. On the other hand though, it can force you to guess your answers rather than take the time to consider the evidence and judge the correct answer based on that. The timers also start as other people are talking meaning you lose a few precious seconds to reading what they have to say or just ignore them and feel lost. There are mixed views about it from the comments but I personally think it was an unnecessary change at the very best.

Overall, I expected better from the one year anniversary of the game but don’t take it the wrong way and think I’m saying it’s a bad game. It’s good in a lot of aspects, mainly the one’s that made all the previous Medieval Cop’s good. However, it has its flaws. The addition of the timer seems pointless and the ending is confusing and left me with an empty feeling after like I was missing something. Hopefully GeminiGamer can rectify the problem of the ending by explaining it more in the next game and hopefully revealing some kind of twist that makes everything more clear. Until then, Adam and Eva is a solid addition to the series, but by no means one of the best.


  • Free
  • Epic Music
  • Well-written characters
  • Witty humour
  • Return of Tira
  • Impactful introduction
  • Story development


  • Confusing and hollow ending
  • No dimensional debate
  • Timer is not a meaningful change

Verdict: 7.5/10

Play the game here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/VasantJ/medieval-cop-adam-and-eva

Support the creator’s Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2572101


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