Flash Friday-Medieval Shorts: My Best Worst First Day

The Medieval Cop series only seems to be growing in popularity, taking Kongregate by storm and getting to the front page with every subsequent release. Not only are the games of good quality, but they’re also being released at quite a fast pace with a new game being published every two months. So you’d think with a total of seven games in the series so far, the game’s creator, GeminiGamer would lose a bit of steam, right? Surprisingly, it’s the opposite. As well as the main series, GeminiGamer has also started to release a spinoff series, Medieval Shorts every two months as well! Since I recently just finished reviewing the-currently-seven games in the series so far, why not start with Medieval Shorts? Does it take place in the same universe? Is it just as good as the main series? Will Dregg EVER annihilate the post office? Don’t worry, all these questions will be answered in this review! Let’s see if Medieval Shorts holds up just as well as the main series…

To answer the first question; not only does Medieval Shorts take place in the same universe, but the same, glorious Kingdom of Rightia! While I am happy this means that there is plenty of opportunity for characters from the main series to make an appearance and interact with the protagonist of this series, I also think that the game taking place in another Kingdom could broaden the way we see Dregg’s world. If the game took place in Scorpio, for example, there would be a lot more potential for world-building as well as the change in locale allowing us to see Rightia, and all the other kingdoms from a different perspective. So far the only other kingdom we’ve seen apart from Rightia is Enio and even then, we only got to see the inside of a museum and nothing else whatsoever.

That isn’t to say this was a bad choice however! The main character, Amber is the polar opposite to Dregg, optimistic, hopeful and constantly looking at the brighter side of life. I never thought I’d say this but Amber’s happy-go-lucky personality and positive outlook makes her just as good a protagonist as Dregg. Quite an impressive feat considering Dregg is one of my favourite anti-heroes of all time. Watching Amber’s innocence slowly shatter throughout the course of the game like a mirror of realism is just as affecting and simultaneously humorous as Dregg’s depressing acceptance and nonchalance at everything bad. It’s even better when she’s interacting with the various characters, most of which are from the main series. Felicia, Tira, Polly and of course, the one and only Dregg all make an appearance though some get more spotlight than others.

Dregg plays the largest part, helping Amber on her first investigation as a medieval cop. By ‘helping’ I of course mean, getting drunk, making you laugh your ass off with his witty retorts to anything positive Amber might say and serving as a hint system if you get stuck at any point. References to the main series are rife and as well as getting a laugh out of you, give a sense of continuity. Despite not taking place in a separate kingdom or part of the Medieval Cop world like I hoped, GeminiGamer still does as good a job as possible in making the world feel large yet connected.

Unfortunately, I was not so much a fan of the gameplay which, for the most part took place in a single room. If you’ve read my Medieval Cop 5 review then you’ll know I’m not particularly a fan of small investigations like that. The first entry in the series got a pass because it was the first game and was mainly an experiment to see whether GeminiGamer could develop the idea further but for all the games after, I just feel like it limits the scope of the world and interaction. I suppose it fits since it’s Amber’s first case and it’s only small but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. As well as this, the gameplay was dull and dry, even for a Medieval Cop game which mainly focuses on the story. Apart from a classic, old-school debate which provides some enjoyment and kickassery, most of what you’ll be doing is talking to everyone and talking to everyone again and talking to everyone again and… talking to everyone again about another piece of evidence. It’s all the more frustrating when you accidentally miss one person out and then have to bounce between everyone again like a ping pong ball trying to find which person you forgot to ask about a bookshelf.

Overall, I’m glad to say that everything that makes the main series so damn good is here… along with a few grammar and spelling mistakes that agitate me beyond belief. Amber is an amazingly good substitute for Dregg and from the ending, it seems there might be more to her than meets the eye. I’m saying nothing. If you enjoyed the main series just as much as I did then play this game. Right now. Despite some boring gameplay and the previously mentioned grammar issues, Medieval Shorts maintains the heart and humour of the main series and is definitely a game I’d recommend even if you haven’t played the main series. Now, I must run, for the chicken mafia have just found my safe house. Until next time, adios!


  • Humour
  • Characters
  • References to the main series
  • Characters from the main series
  • Interesting, well-written protagonist
  • Free
  • Epic music


  • Grammar and spelling mistakes, AGAIN
  • Dry and repetitive gameplay
  • Short

Verdict: 8/10

Play the game here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/VasantJ/medieval-shorts?acomplete=medieval

Support the creator’s Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2572101


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