SMITE Guide: How to counter Loki

In an multiplayer MOBA like SMITE, you’re pretty much guaranteed you’ll find gods you’ll absolutely despise playing against. Whether it’s due to cheap tactics, annoying, easy-to-land attacks or you just can’t find a way to counter your attacks, the appearance of some gods will give you an instant urge to just give up from the start and surrender. While everyone has different opinions on which gods are the most frustrating to fight against, almost everyone can agree that no one wants to go up against a Loki. Eye-watering damage, an easy escape and attacks so easy to land that a cat jumping up and down on a keyboard could hit someone are all factors that make Loki a symbol of imbalance and hate in the SMITE community. Don’t worry though, because today I will be talking you through the steps to making that cocky son of a jotunn choke on his scathing taunts and laugh spam. Follow the steps in this guide and any average Loki player is going to have a hard time trying to kill you.

Gods that Counter Loki

Picking the right God is one of the ways you can stop a Loki before the game has even started. A number of gods are effective in preventing a Loki player from growing in power either by protecting their teammates or having the means to take him down quickly. I recommend you learn to play at least one of these gods so if you do end up against a Loki, you have the experience to stop them in their tracks.

Geb-Can easily stop a Loki getting a kill with his Stone shield, the knockup on his shock wave and the slow and knockback on his roll out.

Athena-Her taunt can lead a Loki away from a kill and Defender of Olympus could give a teammate the few extra seconds they need to escape.

Cabrakan-Easy stuns to hand, a way to cut off escape and a constant knockup.

Chaac-An absolute tank of a warrior whose massive silence can reveal a cloaked Loki.

Freya-Banish can be useful in helping you and teammates escape.

Hades-Silence can reveal him if he is cloaked.

Hercules-Easy methods of getting Loki away from teammates.

Khepri-A pull, a stun and a way of reviving allies that Loki kills.

Khumbakarna-Massive amount of CC.

Sobek-A long throw and a knockback attack.

Ymir-Tanky, can easily slow, can summon a wall and stun.

Items that Counter Loki

When you’re in a game against a Loki, you may want to choose to build one of these items, depending on how much trouble he is causing and how easily he is killing you. Even if you’re a killing role such as hunter or assassin, there is NO shame in buying a defence item. He isn’t going to stop killing you all of a sudden unless you do something about it and counter build him. Here are a few items that I think, cause a lot of problems for Loki players.

Hide of the Nemean Lion- As well as giving you a huge amount of physical defence, Hide of the Nemean Lion has a passive that reflects 25% of Loki’s basic attack damage back at him meaning he’s not only having trouble damaging you, but also hurting himself while doing it.

Lotus CrownPerfect Loki counter for healing gods. Large amount of physical protection and allows you to give your allies protections too with your heals.

Sovereignty-A staple item for guardians, gives physical protections to your allies as well as you.

Spectral Armor-Good alternative to Hide of Nemean. Physical protections and a useful fear passive.

Gauntlet of Thebes-Physical protection aura.

Jade Emperor’s Crown-Incredibly useful physical power debuff aura and good physical protections.

Spirit Robe-Decent physical protections, CC reduction and damage mitigations when hit with hard CC such as Loki’s ultimate.

Mantle of Discord-Good physical protections and a CC immunity/stun passive.

Relics that Counter Loki

Aegis Amulet-Immunity to damage for a few seconds.

Bracer of Undoing-I recommend you use it after Loki uses his ultimate on you to recover 50% of the health you lost before he starts auto attacking you and to get access to an escape ability faster.

Magic Shell-Use when Loki initiates an ally to give your allies a larger chance of survival with the reduced damage and increased protections.

Purification Beads-Allows you to escape Loki’s ultimate before he finishes attacking you.

Shield of Thorns-The reflection damage could discourage a Loki from continuing to attack you if you are more of a tanky god and could even lead to him killing himself.

General Tips

So, now we’ve gone through all the things you can do to make Loki’s job a lot harder, let’s take a look at the various things you can do in the heat of the moment to directly counter him.

Listen carefully

Loki, like pretty much all the gods in the game, makes distinctive sounds when he activates his abilities. He makes a sort of cackling sound when activating his cloak and it’s quite loud so you should be able to hear it from a distance. If you hear this then Loki is most likely getting ready to attack. This is your warning to back off into the radius of one of your towers or phoenixes, activate an ability to protect the squishiest god on your team and generally go on the defensive.

Stick together

Loki is an assassin and like most assassins, he struggles to take on more than one person at once. Stay as close together to your teammates as you can for the duration of the game. If it’s joust, this is no problem but in other modes like Conquest where you may be left on your own, stay very close to your tower and don’t make any risky moves on the enemies’ structures or a supposedly weak enemy god that looks like an easy kill. Whatever you do, DO NOT wander off into the jungle on your own even if it’s just to quickly get a buff from a buff camp, especially if you’re a squishy, vulnerable role like mage. Strength in numbers.

Don’t let your teammates out of sight

Sticking together is an effective, but not always reliable way of countering Loki. For example, I have seen times when a Loki has used his decoy to attract the phoenixes attention then quickly assassinate the mage of the team as they are behind their teammates and they have their backs to them. Constantly keep an eye on the squishy members of your team, mainly the mages for the reason above so you can be quick on hand to help and at the very least avenge their death by killing the Loki straight after.

Wards, wards and more wards

If you’re new to the game or do not know yet for some reason, wards are a cheap consumable that you can place pretty much anywhere on the map. When an enemy steps into its range it will alert you and that enemy will appear on the map. This includes cloaked enemies so if you place a few in the jungle, you will be able to keep track of most of Loki’s movements. Usually the guardian is the one who places the wards but anyone can do it. One of you may want to consider getting the Chalice of the Oracle so you have an unlimited supply of wards.

Don’t recall to base unless Loki is dead

I’ve seen this so many times. After a brief skirmish with the enemy team, a teammate starts recalling to base and then is swiftly assassinated by Loki’s ultimate while the team is weak. Unless Loki is dead, a short run back to base is much safer than recalling, even if you are in the radius of an allied structure. Recalling makes you a sitting duck and an easy target for Loki.


Well, that was my guide to countering Loki in SMITE. I hope it proves helpful to you in future games. If you have any criticisms or your own tips that I could add to the guide, please comment below. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “SMITE Guide: How to counter Loki

    1. Glad you found it useful! I actually have a favourite SMITE gods list I made a while ago on my blog though if you don’t have time to check it out, my top 3 favourites are Ra, Xing Tian and a tie between Geb/Sun Wukong. I like the more support-based roles.


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