Flash Friday-Medieval Shorts: My New Best Friends(Spoilers for the main series)

Last time on Flash Friday we reviewed the first episode of GeminiGamer’s own spinoff series of Medieval Cop, Medieval Shorts. While I felt that the first episode started off strong with plenty of continuation from the main series, I felt the case wasn’t as engaging and compelling as the games in the main series. It was a chore to talk to everyone over and over again with different pieces of evidence to try and progress but luckily Medieval Shorts 2 solves this problem with a much more serious and interesting case this time. Almost all of the problems I had with the first game are addressed in this episode to make this possibly my favourite game, not just of the two games in the Medieval Shorts series so far, but probably one of my favourite games in the series as a whole including the main Medieval Cop series. Let’s find out just what makes this entry a step-up from the first game!

First off, as I just mentioned, this game’s story and case does an amazing job of keeping you hooked and invested. Not that I’m saying the previous game’s case was weak, it wasn’t, it just didn’t give me the same compulsion to solve it. This game starts off as a normal day for Amber, being forced to eat unhealthy amounts of pie by her gangster granny when she is suddenly called to the park for an award ceremony celebrating the achievements of the members of Rightia’s police force. The king himself attends to reward the hard-working detectives and Amber is even called up for an award! Then the king gets shot. No, you read that right. After a brief introduction, the king of Rightia-who was ironically voted the most easy king to assassinate in a game in the main series-is assassinated. Talk about a breathtaking opening. Luckily, Amber seems to have gained a new, mysterious power that may just be able to help her save the day. Compared to the previous game’s plot, this ascends above it in leaps and bounds. It almost actively challenges you to complete it with the aggressiveness of a bull seeing red. You don’t want to complete it for the sake of it to kill some time, you want to complete the case, to find out what happens, to uncover the plot and find out what’s really happening. It does a great job of making you feel confused, but not in a bad, hollow way like Adam and Eva(the main series 7th game), a way that convinces you to continue to unearth the answer.

In terms of characters in My New Best Friends, it hits it far out of the ball park. Characters from the main series, like in the previous game, make an appearance, not just as a brief reminder that both series take place in the same universe, but also have an active role. Apart from Dregg, most other characters from the main series just appeared for a few, scant seconds in the previous game. But now, Dregg, Tira and even a few minor characters in the main series aid you throughout the course of the game. The new characters also do this and are surprisingly well-developed considering you don’t even know them at the start. The entirety of the Rightia police force are also out there to give you a hand, each with their own distinct personalities. Some you’ll hate, but eventually grow to forgive while or continue to be infuriated by their abuse of their position. Some you’ll love and enjoy to interact with, and others just amaze you with their oddball behaviour. You could make the argument that this game also mainly takes place in one area so why am I not expressing my distaste this time? Well, for one, the park where the game takes place is massive with many different parts and unique sub-area’s to explore. As well as that, the characters are just a whole lot more fun to interact with and I never found myself loathing the fact that I had to backtrack and talk to some of them several times. I was honestly taken aback by the amount of detail this entry contained.

Another intriguing part of My New Best Friends was the generous helping of Amber’s backstory and power. It might not just have implications for her, but for the whole of the world though just what that is isn’t clear yet. The gameplay is also much more fun and interactive than it was in the previous game. For one thing, there is a dimensional debate, a feature that was lacking previously. It’s short but sweet and is, what I would consider, the most challenging and difficult debate so far. As opposed to being presented with a handful of options to make your case, you are instead given all the pieces of evidence you have collected so far to choose from. By this point, you’ve collected over ten pieces of evidence meaning instead of just making educated guesses, you actually have to think about your answer. For me, this was frustrating because, admittedly, I suck at puzzle games. For those who are a fan of the genre however, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it more than I did. Not to say I hated it, I loved it; mainly due to the awesome music that plays during the debate and verbal kickassery when you get it right.

Overall, My new Best Friends improves massively over it’s predecessor; combining new ideas with the parts that made the main series so awesome yet is much more well-executed than the first game. The humour is just as witty and clever and has-what I hope-is a running gag to match the main series’ post office joke. The music fits the mood well and the story is the best in the series in my opinion. Although the first game got me interested, it was this one that really got me hooked on Amber’s story. I can’t recommend this game enough if you’ve played the main series. Trust me, it’s just as good.


  • Free
  • Kickass music
  • Amazing amount of detail
  • Well-developed old and new characters
  • Great music
  • Stellar story and case
  • Some of the best gameplay in the series
  • Humour
  • Main series continuity


  • Grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Relatively short

Verdict: 8.5/10

Play the game here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/vasantj/medieval-shorts-2

Support the creator’s Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2572101


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