SMITE-Top Five Favourite Roles

There are five different roles, or classes I suppose you could call them in SMITE: Hunter, Guardian, Warrior, Mage and Assassin. Each of these roles contribute to the game in different ways to help their team win the game. Hunters, mages and assassins are killing roles, helping their team level up with their eye-watering damage and powerful abilities. Guardians aid their team with their large amounts of Crowd Control, near impenetrable defence and seemingly never ending health pool.  Finally, warriors serve as a buffer between the two with equal health and damage and adaptability to situations as well as being some of the best gods for fighting one-on-one with enemy gods. Out of these five roles, you’re sure to have your favourites. Some prefer dealing lots of damage and getting kills to prove their use, some prefer protecting their team and annoying the enemy team and some prefer a balance between the two. Today, I will be listing my five favourite roles to play in SMITE. Remember, this is just my opinion, it’s perfectly fine to disagree with me! Feel free to comment your own favourite roles below. Without further ado, let’s begin!

#5 Assassins


I just don’t understand assassins. I mean, I get why people might enjoy playing them but I just can’t have much fun with them. Well, except for one or two(Hun Batz is so engaging to play). Yes, they deal more damage than Mike Tyson with a power glove but how are they supposed to dish it out to enemy gods when they die the second someone so much as sneezes on them? Playing assassin for me is like a very slow roller coaster ride of ups and downs… but mainly downs. I’ll jump into the battle with my teammates and be dead before I can even blink and ask what happened. Fighting another assassin is over in seconds; quite simply the first person to land a hit is victor. When you do get a kill or manage to achieve a kill streak, it can be quite stimulating and thrilling but when you next die due to a single stray Ra beam that wasn’t even meant for you all that satisfaction instantly evaporates into the air. For this reason, I just simply can’t enjoy assassins as much as other people, and they’re always my last choice for playing unless I’m forced into it or are feeling particularly confident. Uh oh, Geb is about to cough on me. I’m outta here!

#4 Hunters


You’ve probably already guessed that hunters are my next least favourite role after assassin. Although I don’t like hunters as much as the other roles in the game, unlike most assassins, I don’t loathe them, just somewhat ‘meh’ with them. Hunters are the most popular role in SMITE, probably because they’re incredibly easy to play and simple to learn. Just like assassins, they deal a lot of damage and are quite vulnerable without allies to back them up but they have one main difference that makes them much more fun and less frustrating to play for me. Hunters are ranged. Another problem with assassins I neglected to mention previously is that they are melee, meaning they have they have to get right in their competitors face, putting themselves at massive risk every time they go for a kill. Hunters don’t have to do that though, you can keep your enemies at a distance while fighting them meaning, unlike with assassins, I don’t die constantly. Not to say I don’t have any problems with them. Their primary form of attack is their basic attacks and their abilities aren’t all that interesting for the most part making them a bit dull to play sometimes. Nevertheless, I do enjoy playing hunters from time to time, mainly Anhur and Jing Wei. Turning the enemy gods into pincushions is quite satisfying.

#3 Warriors


Warriors are probably the least popular role in SMITE. They’re hard to play, their abilities are incredibly simple for the most part and they’re not really all that good in a single area. There’s a lot to hate about warriors so I can see why not many people play them. However, there are also just so many good points that they offset the bad by quite a large margin. Warriors are capable of dealing damage and taking a fair amount of hits themselves meaning they are jacks-of-all-trades with a high skill cap. You can build them a variety of ways, all to suit your needs and they can adapt to almost any situation without having to utilise relics or items. They are completely unpredictable due to their speciality being decided by their player as opposed to their role meaning they are probably the most difficult role to play against and counter in the right hands. Finally, they are easily some of the best gods for one-on-one fighting in the entire game. If you want a shining example then look no further than Osiris. Able to slow the enemy significantly while also speeding himself up, remove his basic attack movement penalty, reduce the damage of and stun enemies and preventing enemy gods from being healed at all, he’s an absolute nightmare if you meet him alone. Warriors may be underrated, but that’s probably their greatest strength.

#2 Mages


Mages make up more of the roster than any other single role, and for good reason. Although all being considered one role, they are all very different from each other. Some could even fit into another role entirely. Ao Kuang could easily be an assassin, sharing three abilities with the most infamous assassin, Loki, Zhong is tanky enough to be considered a guardian and Freya deals most of her damage through basic attacks like a hunter. They are one of the most popular roles just because, no matter which role you prefer, their is probably a mage you’ll enjoy playing. Mages are vulnerable on their own due to their slow movement speed and lack of escape yet they are capable of dealing massive burst damage to several gods at once as well as having very short cooldowns on all of their abilities. I personally prefer the more support-based mages like Ra, Chang’e and Zhong Kui but someone who likes dealing a lot of damage or outsmarting their opponents can also do just as well with other gods under the role. Mages are my second-favourite role just because of the potential they have and how fun they are to experiment with to find out which ones you like and which ones suit your playstyle. That’s why their so popular. There’s a mage for everyone.

#1 Guardians


So here we are on my favourite role: Guardians. Guardians are the second least-played role after warrior. Why? I can’t be sure, but maybe it’s because of their weak damage and the fact they aren’t as showy as the other roles with impressive kills and killstreaks. In my opinion however, guardians are easily my favourite role to play in SMITE. They may not do much damage; but they can take a colossal amount of punishment themselves. They may not get all the kills or have the highest stats at the end of a game but they have the invaluable potential to affect the outcome of a game more than any other role. Though they often don’t get the thanks or respect they rightfully deserve, they are the ones that can often be most credited for a victory. When a hunter or assassin gets a kill, it’s the guardians who gave them an opening to do so. When a teammate is about to be killed by the enemy team, it’s the guardians that run in and provide a large enough distraction for them to escape. When a team is making a push to put the pressure on the enemy team, it’s the guardians soaking up all the structure and player damage so they can destroy that structure without dying. A “thanks” or non-sarcastic “you rock” from a thankful teammate you just saved the life of is worth way more than a kill to me. For that reason, I have most fun when playing guardian in SMITE. Just remember to pay a little more attention to the guardian on your team the next game you have. They may be doing a lot more to help the team than you think.

So that was my Top 5 God Roles to play in SMITE. Do you have a favourite role you enjoy playing or a least favourite role you loathe having to pick to balance out your team? Go ahead and leave it in the comments, I’m interested to see what other people’s opinions are. As always, feel free to leave any feedback in the comments so I can improve in the future.


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