SMITE-Top 5 Guardians

Guardian is probably the most important role in SMITE. They have the power to completely change the course of the game by saving allies and making sure enemy gods don’t escape. Sadly though, they also seem to be one of the least played roles in SMITE. The majority of SMITE players seem to loathe playing them and only conform when forced to, to balance out the team. For this reason, I feel that Guardians often don’t get the thanks they deserve. They’re not as flashy as all the other roles and rarely get any kills on their own so they tend not to get much credit. So today, as someone who enjoys playing Guardian more than any other role in the game, I will be counting down my top five favourite Guardians in the game.

#5 Kuzenbo


Kuzenbo is the newest god and guardian to join the battleground of the gods… despite not technically being a god. Maybe that’s why he’s so underpowered. Even for a guardian, Kuzenbo is quite weak in terms of damage and his first ability, NeNeKappa, falls off quite drastically late game. So why is he on this list? Just because he’s so damn fun to play. Just that cheesy grin he often gives that you can see above gives you an idea of what this character is like. Personality isn’t really all that important in a multiplayer MOBA, but Kuzenbo probably has the best personality in the game which makes playing him a joy. He’s kind of  man-child, uh, turtle-child. Infantile yet ruthless, he reminds me of Bowser Jr. Can we get a Bowser skin for him? As well as that, his abilities are quite unique and fun to play around with. I never get tired of ricocheting a NeNeKappa off a wall and hitting an enemy god in the face or sneaking up from behind and slamming a god through his allies and into the wall. Not to mention his punishing shell spikes that reflect a massive 35% of enemy damage right back at them and his shellshocking watery grave that grants me great satisfaction when pushing an enemy god right into my allies’ trap. Hopefully the buff he’s getting next patch will make him more viable and a force to be reckoned with.

#4 Terra


Terra is the second-newest god after Kuzenbo, released in July 2016 and although she may not have his amusing personality, she is as hard as rock when it comes to fighting. Terra is able to adapt to almost any situation with her various ability combos. She can place an area of healing which can heal allies by a colossal amount in seconds late game. Enemy gods chasing one of your allies through that area? Simply punch through the rock at the centre and you can stun the enemy gods, deal a surprising amount of damage and then get a second, free punch to escape. Miss an enemy with your Crushing Earth? You can then punch through the walls to send shrapnel flying at them in a cone. Finally, she has a lifesaving ultimate that increases movement speed by a large amount, gives allies a shield that heals them when they take too much damage and reduces the mana cost of all their abilities right down to 0. As well as giving allies the means to quickly escape, it also provides a good pushing tool with its mana cost reduction which means she is constantly keeping pressure on the enemy team. Oh, and it affects every god on your team regardless of where they are. Terra may be complicated and even a bit difficult to play, but once you get the hang of her, she becomes an unstoppable force of nature.

#3 Sylvanus


From one healing guardian of nature to the next, my third favourite guardian is Sylvanus! What makes Sylvanus stand out from all the other gods in SMITE is that he’s technically, two different characters working together. Grover is the name of that hulking treant and Sylvanus is the half-naked, old man riding atop him like he’s simply riding on a horse. Another thing that makes him unique is that he is currently, the only ranged guardian in the game. Sylvanus is able to throw AOE seeds from on top of Grover which make him quite good at clearing out minions waves mid to late game. This tag team of terror also share four abilities between them. Sylvanus throws a seed to stun and damage enemies and Grover follows up with a pull to stop enemies in their tracks and prevent them from escaping. Grover can also completely disrupt enemy gods in a team fight with his knockup ultimate and Sylvanus can release wisps which act as one of the best healing abilities in the game as well as a way to reduce the protections of enemies. The only thing I don’t like about this dream team is the passive which I have never got any use out of. Enemies that land a melee basic attack on Sylvanus have 25% chance to be rooted for a second. This can only occur every 12 seconds. See the problem yet? There are simply too many barriers for what would otherwise be a half-decent passive. It needs to be a melee basic attack meaning it doesn’t work on hunters and mages and does nothing against abilities. The root barely lasts any time at all, has a 1/4 chance to actually hit at all and can only occur once every 12 seconds meaning it is near useless when escaping which seems to be it’s purpose. Nevertheless, Sylvanus is a fun and powerful guardian. Who wouldn’t want to beat up gods as an old man and his pet Groot?

#2 Geb


Geb is one of the simplest to play yet most satisfying guardians in SMITE. All of his skills aren’t really all that complex, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a lot of fun to use. Geb’s passive is incredibly useful, severely weakening enemies that build crits with it’s massive critical hit damage reduction. His first ability, Roll Out, acts as a good chasing as well as a good ambush ability. You can quickly charge after enemy gods with it to slow them down or charge it up and get them from behind to knock them directly into your allies, giving them an easy kill. His tremor is a brilliant interrupt due to it’s small knockup, especially against gods with long wind-up attacks like Bellona’s hammer spin. His third ability is one of the best saving tools in the game, making almost any ally into a tank and cleansing them of crowd control. I’ve probably saved just as much allies with that ability as  I have with guardians as a whole. My only problem with him is his underwhelming ultimate. It doesn’t do much damage, the stun isn’t that long and the ability is just boring. You can still greatly disrupt the enemy team with Cataclysm but it requires a lot of teamwork and can be easily avoided by any decent player. Overall though, Geb is one of my favourite guardians to play, regardless of his rubbish ultimate and I’d highly recommend new players play him to understand the role as he’s not that difficult to understand. There’s only one guardian I like more than Geb and that is…

#1 Xing Tian


This may seem like a bit of a surprise if you haven’t seen my Top 10 Favourite SMITE Gods as Xing Tian isn’t a very popular guardian let alone god. But in my opinion, Xing Tian is not just my favourite guardian but also one of my favourite gods in the game. Yes, his ultimate may be easy to avoid and easily escapable with a purification but people seriously underestimate what a well-placed Whirlwind of Rage and Steel can do. It does a decent amount of damage but the ability to completely re-position the entire enemy team is what makes it so useful if you know how to use it. When an experienced Xing player manages to land his ultimate and fling the entire enemy team towards their waiting allies, it can be game changing since it puts the enemies in such a vulnerable position. That’s not even mentioning how fun it is to pick up the entire enemy team like they’re mere mortals being thrown about in a hurricane. His other abilities are also powerful in a team fight. His first ability is a DOT(Damage Over Time) that reduces enemies basic attack damage making it invaluable against hunters, warriors and assassins. His Hook Slam is able to completely stop an enemies escape leaving them easy pickings for allies. Finally, his Sky-Cutting Axe allows him to quickly get in and out of battle meaning he has lots of mobility. All of his abilities can affect several enemies at once which is perfect for his passive which gives you a huge amount of HP5 for every enemy you hit with an ability. Building just one HP5 item is enough to make Xing Tian near invincible in battle due to his unbeatable health sustain. Overall, he’s just a really satisfying and rewarding god to play and one of the tankiest of the tanks thanks to his massive HP5. He also has my steadfast resolve of never giving up and surrendering. Xing Tian really does live up to his title of “The Relentless”.

That was my five favourite guardians in SMITE! If you have any favourite guardians, be sure to comment them below as I’m interested to hear your opinions! Feedback is appreciated as always.


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