Top 10 Medieval Cop Games

Last week, I finally finished reviewing the amazing Medieval Cop series and its side-series, Medieval Shorts after around ten weeks. GeminiGamer, the creator, has released a total of ten games since the first Medieval Cop, Death of a Lawyer, was released over a year ago now on the 28th of January. So, to celebrate the perfect, even amount of games as well as finally finishing my reviews on the series, for now at least, I will be counting down all the Medieval Cop games so far from worst to best! Remember, that my opinion is entirely subjective and it’s alright to disagree with me. If my least favourite game is your favourite then that’s completely fine! This is going to be one of the biggest lists I’ve done so far so let’s get right into it with my least favourite game…

#10 Medieval Cop No. 1: The Death of a Lawyer


The first game in the series is suitably first(or last?) on the list! Medieval Cop had to start somewhere and Death of a Lawyer serves as a well-executed introduction into the series. While not being the best the series has to offer, the humour and excellent writing is still here and almost makes up for the game being woefully, woefully short(around 20 minutes). A classic locked-room murder case is what greets you and prepares you for the epic story to come and it’s sort of fitting. Present you with something simple and your mind is much more prone to being blown in the future.

#9 Medieval Shorts No. 1: My Best First Worst Day Ever


The next game on this list is again, ironically the first game in the side-series Medieval Shorts! Don’t worry, the pattern won’t continue! Medieval Shorts 1 is again, a great introduction to the main characters, world and style of the series. However, it suffers from the same problem of few areas making the story seem smaller than it actually is. My Best First Worst Day gets a pass on this however as it was released along with the fourth game in the main series and thus, we’d already got a taster of the largeness of the world and story. The main problem that ails it though is the bogged down, repetitive gameplay of talking to every NPC, then talking to them all again, and again, and again. I felt it unnecessarily padded out the game and made playing it a bit of a chore. Nevertheless, Medieval Shorts 1 is another strong introductory episode that’s still enjoyable to play.

#8 Medieval Cop 7: Adam and Eva


Adam and Eva is the latest entry to the Medieval Cop series and although it does a lot of things right, it also does a lot of things wrong as well in my opinion. Let me start by getting the bad out of the way. The ending. I have complete faith that GeminiGamer knows what he’s doing with the story and everything will be wrapped up neatly in Medieval Cop 8, but that doesn’t change the fact that Adam and Eva has possibly the worst and most hollow ending in the entire series. Just when it seems to be getting to the good part, it abruptly stops as soon as the Usain Bolt running at top speed into a brick wall. Also, no dimensional debate. Not to say Adam and Eva is a bad game, it’s just as witty well-written as every other game in the series. Tira is back with a vengeance, the series goes back to explore its roots with another classic murder case and the tension and sense of danger is at its peak. Overall, Adam and Eva is still an awesome Medieval Cop game, but its ending could of been executed a heck of a lot better.

#7 Medieval Cop 3: The Princess and the Grump


Medieval Cop 3 is the game that I believe can be credited most for being the first one to greatly expand the story and world. A whole host of characters from the brainless badass Felicia to emo assassins Ethan and Emily. To be honest, I’m most impressed by just how much GeminiGamer managed to pack into this hour long game. The story is a lot more serious than the story in the previous games with the princess of the Rightia kingdom being kidnapped right from her room in the royal castle and because of that, you feel a lot more inclination to solve the case. Unfortunately, although a lot of characters are introduced, most of them don’t really do much in the story but show up, say hi and disappear again. This is the game where the spirit of the series first starts to ooze through the screen and get you invested in the story and characters. On the other hand, this game doesn’t really do anything special or unique but I don’t really think it needs to. If someone asked me to give them a prime, typical example of the series as a whole, I’d point them towards The Princess and the Grump.

#6 Medieval Cop 5: The Secrets of Lucifer’s Wings


After the explosive epitome of epicness that was The Invidia Games, Medieval Cop 5 certainly had a tough act to follow. While it didn’t quite reach the bar that Medieval Cop 4 set in space, it did make quite the effort. Although the pace slowed down to a crawl and there’s less variation in gameplay, The Secrets of Lucifer’s Wings has probably some of the best incentive and stakes in the series to make you want to play on. Felicia, one of Dregg’s probably, maybe friends who had a major role in the preceding game, is sick and close to death after pushing herself a little too hard to help you out. Considering you play Felicia several times in The Invidia Games, you feel at least partly responsible for her condition giving you a more personal reason to solve the case this time. This is also the first game in which Dregg wanders out of the Rightia kingdom. It is nice to see a bit of the other kingdoms but the problem is, it’s even less than a bit. A SINGLE museum in Enio and that’s it. Nevertheless, it’s so big that it’s fun to explore and works better as a single room case than the first game because of the sheer size. You also get to see more of the Enio team from the games including their no-nonsense princess. On top of this, we get our first insight into the overarching story and the powerful villains. I just hope we get to see more of Enio and its inhabitants in future games.

#5 Medieval Shorts 3: My Dr. DontLittle


Medieval Shorts 3 is the latest episode in the Medieval Shorts series and takes the opportunity to give the player a chance to cooldown after the previous game and Adam and Eva which you most likely played before this one. My Dr. DontLittle takes place at the same time as Medieval Cop 7 meaning there are a lot of parallels to try and give you a better idea of the events that unfolded. It serves as a nice way to give some more background about Amber and the world and unload some exposition without just being a wall of scrolling text straight out of Star Wars. Some neat, little minigames provide some more active gameplay that differs from the rest of the series and the plot revelations in this episode prove some of the best despite being presented through a simple children’s play. Although there are no dimensional debates and the re-use of the park area from the last game felt a bit lazy, I’m thankful for the breather My Dr. DontLittle provides. We’re probably going to need it to handle the next Medieval Cop.

#4 Medieval Cop 2: The True Monster


This is probably the game where my bias will show the most. I’m not entirely sure what I like so much about The True Monster. While I liked the first game, Medieval Cop 2 was where I really started to get invested. The case in The True Monster was probably my favourite to solve out of all the games so far. Yes, you’re reading that right. Proving a dragon innocent was my favourite investigation in the series. Maybe it was the perfect timing and badassness of the music in the court scene. Maybe it was the clever tomato or cherry flavoured cake mindblow that seemed to come at just the right moment. Maybe it was the tense debate at the end where you question three people at once. Maybe I just have a soft spot for dragons. In my opinion, The True Monster’s case is clever, well-paced and downright kickass and for that reason, it gets place No. 4 on this list.

#3 Medieval Cop 6: Dregg Me to Hell


Dregg is certainly a unique protagonist. The complete opposite of the typical righteous, optimistic, kind-hearted hero, Dregg is blunt, pessimistic and even sometimes kind of an asshole. Yet this is what makes him, in a weird kind of way, likeable. Ever since the first game I had one question though. Why is he like this? The obvious answer would just be that he works in the hellhole that is the Rightia police station but there’s just something about Dregg that suggests otherwise. While dealing with everyone else’s problems in previous games we never really got a chance to delve into the psyche of the protagonist himself. Fortunately, we get to do just that in Dregg Me to Hell and to put it simply… it is AWESOME!!! In the 6th entry of Medieval Cop, you quite literally get to explore the depths of Dregg’s mind and find out his terrible secret and worst nightmare. This is reason alone for Dregg Me to Hell to be in the top 3 on this list but another great thing about it is the significantly darker tone. I mean, it was released as a Halloween special. The madness can’t really be described without writing a couple hundred more words so I suppose I better leave it there for now but trust me, Dregg Me to Hell is more than worthy of its place.

#2 Medieval Shorts 2: My New Best Friends


After My Best Worst First Day, I didn’t really know what to expect from Medieval Shorts. There were a few hints as to the future of the story but there were many different ways it could go. That’s probably why it caught me off guard. My New Best Friends starts off similarly to the first Medieval Shorts with Amber preparing to go to work and eating the tremendous helpings of food her grandma provides for her. She goes to an awards ceremony with some funny jokes and references to the main series along the way. And then the king gets assassinated. The main reason Medieval Shorts 2 is just so damn good is because it throws more curveballs at you than an out of control pitching machine. We get some insight into Amber Heart’s powers, we’re introduced to a whole host of new characters as well as meeting some old ones from the main series and the case itself is probably the biggest out of the whole series with the entire police force working together with you. Granted, the entire game takes place in a single are abut it’s just so big and the characters are so fun to interact with that it doesn’t really matter. There are very few negatives apart from the omnipresent grammar problems that have plagued the game since the beginning. Therefore, it gets second place on this list. In my opinion, there is only one game that is better and that is…

#1 Medieval Cop 4: The Invidia Games


The epicness of The Invidia Games cannot be summed up in mere words. It was so big, it couldn’t be contained in one or even two parts, but three, each based on a day of the competition of the same name. It’s the longest game of the series, and for good reason. As well as playing as Dregg, you get to play as the sadist twins and Felicia as well as a stealth mechanic meaning the gameplay doesn’t get too repetitive or boring. So many characters were introduced that it could easily rival Medieval Shorts 2. There was a colossal amount of world-building teaching you more about Dregg’s world, the various kingdoms and the tradition of the Invidia Games. The story elevates to anime-like levels. Finally, this was the first game to introduce Dimensional Debates in the most awe-inspiring way possible, ending with a climatic battle of proportions between Dregg and his Scipio rival Ada. Just as the game couldn’t be contained in one part, I can’t contain how much I enjoyed The Invidia Games in a single paragraph. It’s hilarious, it’s badass, it’s sad, it’s kickass, it’s well-written, it’s tense, it’s a lot of things. If you haven’t already, just play it. It could possibly be one of the best experiences of your life. And that’s why, The Invidia Games is in my opinion, the best Medieval Cop game.

Phew, that took a while. That was my top 10 Medieval Cop/Medieval Shorts games! What are your favourite games in the Medieval Cop series? Feel free to comment them below along with any feedback you might have!


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