Whirlwind of Pain and Pentakill-How to make your enemies rage quit as Xing Tian in SMITE

Guardians aren’t a very popular role in SMITE and Xing Tian is one of the least played guardians in the game. He doesn’t really bring the damage and nuking potential of Bacchus, his Crowd Control isn’t as frustrating as Kumbhakarna’s and his ultimate is incredibly hard to land, near impossible if the enemy is using purification. What I’m trying to say is, Xing Tian is a hard god to play. But nevertheless, I find him to be the funnest guardian and one of the funnest gods in the game to play. With almost 600 hours of SMITE playtime, I’d say by now I have plenty of experience with my second-favourite god in the game. So today, I’ll be teaching you how to play Xing Tian, who I believe can be more of a problem for the enemy team than people make him out to be. Grab your Sky-Cutting Axe and build up your Smouldering Rage because here’s how to play Xing Tian!


Role: Guardian


  • Good mobility for a guardian
  • Massive health sustain thanks to his passive
  • Decent damage
  • Can easily save allies with his 2+1 combo
  • Can get in and out of battle quickly
  • Ultimate can be brutal when it lands


  • Ultimate is incredibly difficult to land
  • Ultimate can be escaped with purification
  • Struggles to take down enemies on his own
  • Relatively long cooldowns


Passive: Smouldering Rage


Xing Tian’s passive is called Smouldering Rage and is a useful sustain tool that can annoy the hell out of the enemy team. Every time Xing hits  an enemy with one of his abilities, he gets a stack of Smouldering Rage which gives him increased HP5 for 3 per stack up to a maximum of 12 stacks or 36 HP5. This is a massive boost, providing more HP5 than any item in the game. As with other gods that utilise stacks for their passive in this way such as Ra, you should try to maintain it for as long as possible. While the stacks take a while to run out, they go all at once, are harder to maintain out of combat and are difficult to build back up again in places like the jungle. The best way to maintain the stacks is to use your 1(Furious Roar) and 3(Sky-Cutting Axe) on waves of minions as it is easy to hit many at once. Once you get the hang of this, you’ll be able to regenerate health almost as fast as you use it.

First Ability: Furious Roar


Xing Tian’s first ability is called Furious Roar and acts as a significant counter to hunters as well as Xing’s main source of damage. He sends a shout forward from his chest a short distance which damages enemies, applies a Damage Over Time and reduces the basic attack damage of enemies. The basic attack damage reduction is 30% at first and eventually goes up to 50% which is a massive debuff for basic-attack-based roles like hunters and warriors. They should be your primary targets for this attack and failing that, assassins. It can be the difference between your ally dying. When there are no enemies nearby then use it on minion waves to build up your Smouldering Rage as they’re easy targets. It’s also worth noting that it can go through walls so keep that in mind in case there are any enemies you can surprise by hitting them through a wall.

Second Ability: Hook Slam


Hook Slam is Xing Tian’s second ability and is great for stopping escaping enemies or enemies that are chasing an ally in their tracks. You will have to get close to hit it as with most of Xing’s abilities as he is quite an aggressive god. It knocks the enemy up then slams them down again rooting them and also dealing a pretty good amount of damage for a guardian. As I mentioned, it is best used for stopping enemies running away from or towards allies. It is also quite easy to combo with your 1(Furious Roar) dealing a substantial amount of damage that can put off squishier gods and cause them to retreat. Although difficult, you can also hit several enemies with it once you get good enough so in team fights, aim for the enemies standing the closest together.

Third Ability: Sky-Cutting Axe


Xing Tian’s third ability, Sky-Cutting Axe, provides quite a bit of mobility. When activated, you can leap forward a pretty large distance a total of two times. Sky-Cutting Axe has a large variety of uses. This ability is amazing for closing the gap between enemies as well as getting in and out of battle quickly. It makes Xing a lot more mobile and better at escaping than a majority of the other guardians. It’s best to follow it up with either a Hook Slam or possibly your ultimate if you think it is worth it. You can use it to quickly build up Smouldering Rage and like Bastet’s leap, you can jump in to deal some damage then jump straight back again to escape. Another great part of this ability is that, despite the in-game description stating he cannot use other abilities in between his first and second leap, he actually can. You have two seconds to use the other leap, which is just enough time to jump in, hit an enemy or two with your 2+1 combo and leap back out again once you get the hang of it. Finally, it can be used to easily escape most pursuers. It’s easily one of Xing’s most useful abilities.

Ultimate Ability: Whirlwind of Rage and Steel


Xing Tian’s ultimate ability is called Whirlwind of Rage and Steel and is probably the reason why he’s not very popular. Many people regard this as one of the worst ultimates in the game just because of how hard it is to hit enemies with. I say the reason it’s so hard to hit is because it is incredibly punishing when it does hit. Xing Tian charges up his ultimate for a second then spins around three times, dealing damage each time and picking up any enemy gods he hits before throwing them whichever way he is facing. This ability is difficult to land if you’re inexperienced as your mobility is greatly reduced when you activate it, the charge-up time gives enemies plenty of time to escape and a simple purification completely negates its throwing effect. The re-positioning it provides however can be devastating for the enemy team and can easily win you a team fight. The easiest way to hit it is to use blink to get the jump on the enemy team though Sky-Cutting Axe can also work well too. If you’re in a small and narrow area such as the jungle during a team fight then hitting enemies shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

When  you grab enemies then you should face towards your team to throw them then follow up with a 2+1 combo to make them sitting ducks. If your allies aren’t looking too good then you can instead use it to help them escape. As for purification, the best thing I can suggest it to keep track of when they use it and try to make them activate it to escape other CC such as your Hook Slam. Despite everything I’ve said here, it will still take a lot of practice to get the hang of this, especially following up with the 2+1 combo which requires microsecond timing to knock them back up again with the 2.


Here is the general build I use when playing Xing Tian: 

Remember, the build can always change depending on the situation. These items won’t be perfect for every single game you play, it’s just a general idea for you to follow. For example, if the enemy team have gone all magical then you shouldn’t build Heartward and should build more physical defence or HP5. You may want to replace one of the items with Hide of the Nemean or Stone of Gaia and Shogun’s Kusari is always a good pick if you have a hunter or warrior on your team.

Recommended Relics

Blink-I almost always recommend you get this as your first relic. It makes hitting with your ultimate a whole lot easier, especially if you’re new to playing Xing.

Purification-Only if you’re not confident with Xing yet and are against a god with a brutal CC ultimate like Ares.

Phantom-Can work good as a second relic to counter Odin and possibly Ymir.

Meditation-Recommended second relic. Keep your teammates alive. Restore mana. Not much to say.

General Tips

  • Even for a guardian, Xing has quite a bit of bulk. This makes him great at blocking enemy attacks so they don’t hit low health allies. Stand in front of low health allies to ensure they don’t killed while recalling, especially if there is an enemy Neith as her ultimate can be blocked this way. Be sure not to block your allies path while doing this however as you can inadvertently kill them.
  • Xing’s leap  can not go through walls so don’t back yourself into a corner trying to escape with it.
  • Keep an eye out for the damage dealt by your Damage Over Time as if an enemy tries to escape, it can reveal where they are and in which direction they are headed
  • When doing the Blink+Ultimate combo, running straight at the enemy is not a good idea as it is obvious what you are going to do and they will most likely back up and escape. Instead, try to make it look less obvious by either blinking from behind walls or waiting for them to make an attack before striking.


That was my guide to playing Xing Tian! If you have any suggestions or feedback then comment down below and I’ll be sure to respond as soon as possible. I hope it helps you out with playing Xing Tian.



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