SMITE-Top Five Favourite Mages

Mages are probably the most popular role in SMITE right now, and that’s probably due to the large variety of playing styles they present. Some mages could even fit into another role entirely such as Freya who plays a lot like a hunter or Zhong Kui who can double as a guardian. There’s something for everyone here. Those who like getting kills, those who like supporting their team, those who like taking out their enemies from afar; all of these types of gamer’s have a mage that suits their playstyle. Because of this, I’ve had a lot of trouble narrowing down my favourite mages to a measly five. But now, I think I’ve finally compiled a ranking of my five favourite mages to play. So here it is! My first entry and my 5th favourite mage is…

#5 Isis


I’ve only really mentioned Isis one time before in my Top Five Least Favourite Ultimates list where I explained why I hate her ultimate ability: Circle of Protection. So you’d think I wouldn’t like her all that much with a god’s ultimate ability being the pinnacle of their potential and kit. Well, although her ultimate does seem near useless to me, the rest of her kit is just so damn fun to use. Her Wing Gust is a useful chasing tool and wave-clearing tool. Her Spirit Ball is just so satisfying to land and applies an advantageous stun. Dispel Magic isn’t as flashy as her other attacks but its ability to interrupt abilities can be a lifesaver and a real pain in the ass for your opponents. Although I find it hard to get some use out of her ultimate, her other, rewarding abilities more than make up for it. Plus she’s a member of the Illuminati.

#4 Aphrodite


Aphrodite is the next mage on my list! She’s one of the best lane-pairing gods in the game, able to share mana and heal allies giving her, and her partner, massive sustain. Unlike all the other mages, her kit is completely support-based. She can deal damage, of course, but not a massive amount, and all her abilities help her and her teammates in some way or another. Kiss provides passive movement speed and mana as long as you stay connected and can also be used to target certain enemy gods as it stuns them and increases your partners damage towards them. Back Off is an incredibly useful burst and escape tool. Love Birds is easily one of the best healing abilities in the game and finally, Undying Love provides a few precious seconds of invincibility meaning skilled Aphrodite players can completely block the brunt of an enemies damage if timed right. Aphrodite may be the Goddess of Love but trust me, if you play her well then she may as well be the Goddess of Hate for how frustrating she is to play against.

#3 Zhong Kui


Zhong Kui is the least-played mage in the game, almost reaching Osiris levels of obscurity and I simply can’t understand why. Maybe it’s my love for guardians because Zhong could very easily pass for a tank. As Zhong, you need to focus more on wave-clearing to build up your passive which also acts as a power source for your ultimate. Every time you Expose an enemies Evil and then Exorcise them, you gain a demon which heals you up when it’s sucked into your bag and provides up to a whopping FORTY protections. Activating your ultimate releases them all and sends them flying at every enemy god around you in a significantly large area damaging them as well as giving you double the protections while it’s active. That means that Zhong Kui has a terrifying total of EIGHTY protections while using his ultimate. Combine this with his AOE stun and ability to accrue demons to heal himself while this is happening and he can be near unstoppable. He also recently got a buff making him even more deadly. Give him a try, believe me, you won’t regret unleashing your inner demon.

#2 Chang’e


Don’t be fooled by her appearance, after your first encounter with Chang’e, you’ll forever be fearful of weird dancing ladies and their pet rabbits. Chang’e has some of the simplest and most straightforward, yet effective abilities in the game. She has a damaging, wave-clearing attack, a heal, a stun/snipe and even an ability that makes her completely invulnerable to attacks. Her heal and wave-clear have some of the shortest cooldowns in the game meaning you always have to be wary of a sudden attack. All of her abilities (except her ultimate) also increase her movement speed while they are being used meaning she is a relentless chaser and her attacks flow really well together. Finally, easily the best part of Chang’e is her pet Jade Rabbit. It does all her talking for Chang’e as she’s a mute and it has more personality than most of the gods in the game. Not only that, but you can send your rabbit to the shop to buy items while your on the battlefield. With enough sustain, Chang’e will pretty much never have to return to base making her the Queen of Sustain. You won’t be able to do a thing as she dances to your beating.

#1 Ra


Six hundred hours of playtime and Ra’s still my favourite mage and god just as he was when I first started playing. I’m surprised how little I see of him considering he’s a starting god. Being a starting god doesn’t mean he takes little skill to play. He’s easy to learn but hard to master. Apart from having a simple clear and AOE slow, he also has one of the best healing abilities in the game and an incredibly satisfying sniping ultimate that has the shortest base ultimate cooldown in the game. His first ability is a simple wave-clear. His second ability slows and damages enemies around him and works as an astonishingly good escape when paired with his passive that increases his movement speed. His third ability, Solar Blessing can heal your entire team to full late game as well as providing protections. Finally, his ultimate has a cooldown of less than a minute and down to half a minute with max Cooldown Reduction. It’s hard to land, even if you have good aim but when you land it… it’s just so damn rewarding. I’ve already gone over why I like Ra so much in detail in my Top Ten Favourite SMITE Gods list so I won’t bore you by repeating myself. Ra is just a massively rewarding and fun god to play to me. And he has the most obnoxious laugh taunt in the game.

So that was my Top Five Favourite Mages in SMITE. Which mages do you like playing the most? I’m interested to find out so feel free to go ahead and comment your favourites. If you have any feedback, it would also be appreciated.


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