SMITE: Top Five Warriors

Warrior is the least played role in SMITE along with guardians for a number for reasons. They aren’t specialised in one single area, their attacks generally aren’t very flashy and it’s hard to decide what to build because they’re the jack-of-all-trades of SMITE. They also have the highest skill cap out of all the roles meaning people feel less confident in picking them. Once you get into playing warriors however, you find they’re incredibly fun to play and their versatility is just as much an advantage as a disadvantage. So today, I’m going to be giving warriors the attention they deserve by counting down my Top Five Favourite Warriors in the game. Remember, this is just my opinion so it’s completely fine to disagree with me and leave your personal favourite warriors in the comments. Grab your unstoppable umbrella of death and prepare to give the enemy the axe because here’s my Top Five Favourite Warriors in SMITE!

#5 Vamana 



Vamana is one big baby. Bigger than the entire Earth according to his lore though unfortunately you can never grow that tall in the actual game. Nevertheless, Vamana is still a force to be reckoned with, and not just that of a tantrum. Vamana’s main weapon is a surprisingly brutal umbrella with a variety of uses. It can be used as a simple cone attack as well as a boomerang that can hit the enemy twice. It can also be used as a shield while Vamana dashes forward; launching enemies behind him as if they were just hit by a very angry rhinoceros. Finally, he can grow to a massive size, towering over his enemies and somehow increasing the umbrella’s size with him. You won’t really be able to question it as he delivers a beatdown with it though. It’s an area attack and deals a surprising amount of damage. Make use of a few movement speed items like Hastened Fatalis and he’s almost inescapable. I absolutely love playing Vamana… so why is he so low then? His remodel. That’s why. He went from a cartoonish caricature of a baby to some… creepy gangly-armed, hyper-realistic Avatar: The Last Airbender character and I hate it so much I’ve never played him since. Just… the limbs. They’re so gangly.

#4 Tyr


In at No. 4 it’s SMITE’s top-Tyr(Haha, get it?), Tyrhard(Sorry, I had to), TYRranical(Ok, I’ll stop now) warrior: Tyr. Unlike the majority of the gods in the game, Tyr has SIX abilities instead of a measly four. His third ability toggles his stance between Assault and Guard which affects his stats and first two abilities. In his Guard stance he gains protections and in his Assault stance he gains physical power. Switching between the two also completely refreshes the cooldowns on his first two abilities. In Assault stance his first two abilities are a juggle and knockback combo which is an amazing re-positioning tool. In Guard stance he gets a dash that goes through enemies and an attack that heals. While constantly changing between them takes some practice, it pays off greatly once you get the hang of it. Finally, for his ultimate, Tyr gets the longest leap in the game with a massive AOE allowing him to get right into the action. This, along with his passive which makes most types of CC only last one seconds maximum, makes him a beast in the right hands. No-one can escape Tyr’s judgement.

#3 Osiris


No. 3 on my list is the Broken God of the Afterlife, Osiris! Yes, he is still in the game despite the fact that almost no-one plays him. Osiris may be the least-played god in the game casually, but competitively he is a popular pick; and for good reason. Osiris is one of the best, if not THE best god at fighting enemies mano e mano(1v1). Here’s a list of all the things Osiris can do with his abilities: deal massive damage, slow, increase his movement speed, negate movement penalty while attacking, pass through enemies and their temporary structures, COMPLETELY reduce healing, mitigate damage, stun, reduce enemy damage and root. Did you get all that? Every single one of Osiris’ abilities has some kind of CC bundled with it making him near impossible to take on solo. All of his attacks are just so satisfying to land, especially when you hit an enemy with his ultimate’s minuscule radius. While he may be difficult to play, you sure as the underworld don’t want to go against a skilled Osiris alone.

#2 Chaac


Sorry to rain on your parade, but Chaac, the Mayan god of rain is No. 2 on this list! Chaac is one of the easiest warriors to play but that doesn’t stop him from being diverse and rewarding to play. Chaac is a fast-paced, spur-of-the-moment kind of god able to get in, deal some damage and get back out again in the blink of an eye. He’s incredibly mobile, having a teleport and an ability that slows enemies down(also speeding him up if you get Shield of Regrowth). When played well, he’s a pretty relentless and unforgiving god that’s very difficult to escape. I mean, one of his skins is a slasher movie villain. What makes him different to most other warriors is that he has a surprising amount of Crowd Control, meaning he’s got much more team fight potential than any other warrior in the game.This is especially apparent in his ultimate that has a massive AOE(just as big if not bigger than Tyr’s) and silences all enemies caught in it for several precious seconds. He also has one of the best personalities in the game, so much so that he now has his own announcer pack. All of his lines are so loud and energetic you’ll feel inspired to crush your enemies like puny, insignificant bugs. There’s only one warrior I like more than Chaac, and that warrior is…

#1 Sun Wukong


Sun Wukong, the Monkey King is my favourite warrior in the game! He’s generally considered weaker than many of the other warriors but I personally enjoy his aggressive playstyle and do better at him than any other warrior in the game. His first two abilities are nothing special, a waveclear and an area attack that slows. Most of the fun I get from Sun Wukong comes from his third ability which could technically be considered three abilities. As Sun, you can either change into an ox, a tiger or an eagle for a short while. Each have their own uses. The Ox is good for disrupting close-quarters fights and plowing through enemies as if they were thrown up by a baby man’s umbrella. Tiger is a good chasing tool as when you hit enemies, you stun them leaving them vulnerable. Finally, the eagle is one of the best abilities for escaping in the game and can cover long distances fast. His ultimate is also a powerful tool if you know how to use it. Apart from providing some quick health, the decoy can help Sun quickly rip through a tower or take down an enemy god before they can escape. Despite his appearance, the monkey king does not monkey around.

So that was my Top Five Favourite Warriors in SMITE! What are your favourite warriors to play! Feel free to comment your favourites down below. I’m interested to know which warriors are most popular in the community.


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