Gotham Episode 10: Lovecraft Review

After the previous episode; in which Bruce and Selina chilled out in Wayne Manor for a while developing their characters, in this episode we see them thrown headfirst into the deep end and straight into the threatening streets of Gotham. For Bruce, this is probably the first time he’s been staring danger in the face since the death of his parents, and yes, I know about that bit in Arkham but it lasted like five seconds so I’m not counting it. When some assassins break into Wayne Manor attempting to assassinate Selina after Dent’s senseless strategy made her into a target, both her and Bruce soon find themselves on being chased through Gotham’s darkest alley’s and most precarious rooftops. Lovecraft would be the obvious villain; but is he really the one to blame? Can Gordon and Bullock with the addition of Alfred save them before it’s too late? And who is the real villain?

Suffice to say, Lovecraft was an intense episode though I do wish they’d think up more creative episode titles than just a central characters name. Bruce and Selina are given the spotlight after being sidelined for the majority of Gotham’s other Season One episodes and the wait has definitely paid off. I never thought I’d want to see an episode focusing on Bruce after his pathetic personality in early episodes of the season but I’m finding I’m liking him more and more. Of course, he’s not being thrown too haphazardly into the deep end, previous episodes have given him time to train with Alfred so he’s not completely helpless.

Selina’s no pussy cat either and we see her knowledge of the more sinister areas of Gotham aid them both several times. They’ll both need to work to their strengths to evade the aggressive assassins in hot pursuit. Bruce and Selina are both very different, being raised in radically different environments yet we see the various aspects of their lifestyles helping out in different ways. While Bruce has had more formal training with Alfred and is determined, Selina’s street smarts and dirtier methods of solving a situation make her an unpredictable opponent. When their powers combine, they form quite the dynamic duo! To be honest, I wished we’d seen more of this because the episode seemed to pass woefully fast.

Bruce and Selina weren’t the only one’s who had a major part though. Alfred, the world’s most badass butler also finally got to show why he’s such a trusted member of the Wayne family. When the assassins attack, he buys Master Bruce and his street urchin friend some precious time to escape. Without breaking a sweat, he takes on three highly-trained assassins at once only sustaining a bullet to the shoulder which he shrugs off like it’s nothing. As well as this, get gets on Bullock’s nerves throughout the course of the episode and possibly does just as good a job of it as Gordon. Is there anything this guy can’t do? Instead of intimidating or persuading the people he wants information from like Bullock, he speaks more from the heart and is more passive in his approach. If that fails, there’s always his good friend George Washington to convince them otherwise. Please, we need to see more of this lovable tough guy!

Gordon got a surprisingly minor role this episode considering he’s what could be considered the main, main character of the show but I am glad he gave some other characters a chance this episode. Nevertheless, he wasn’t completely absent and took on the job of trying to convince Lovecraft to call off the assassination. Remember when I said Lovecraft looked like he was going to be a new villain for the series? Well; that got thrown out the window when ***SPOILERS***it turned out Lovecraft was just a small fry in the scheme of things and was swiftly killed off.***SPOILERS END*** As well as that, Gordon got his ass handed to him by the assassins. I know they’re highly trained but after The Mask-where he successfully took out a ninja warrior with a sword unarmed-he’d at least be able to handle one of them, especially considering Alfred could manage all three.


Penguin also continues to be sidelined after his spotlight in Penguin’s Umbrella. All he really did was tell Falcone that Fish was the traitor which he refused to believe for some reason(apparently she earns him a lot of money) and asked for more proof. However, Falcone did increase the tariffs on his crime lords and make a show of shooting the guy who was supposed to be protecting his bank in the last episode. I personally enjoyed this as we haven’t really seen much of Falcone being much of a criminal mastermind and he seems very nice and forgiving considering his job most of the time so it was nice to see him being more merciless for once. He is the show’s main villain after all.

Overall, Lovecraft excels far above the previous two episodes. It has fast-paced action, character development, a solid plot and the world’s most awesome butler. And best of all, absolutely no mention or showing of the appalling character Barbara Kean. The story may of had a bitter ending but it was worth it to see characters like Bruce and Alfred thrown into desperate situations and see the cast develop as a whole. Well, except for the guy this episode is named after. The only development he got was that of becoming a corpse.


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