Smite: Top Five Most Underrated Gods

SMITE offers a lot of variety in the ways you can play. Currently there is a staggering total of eighty six gods in the game that fit into one of five roles. With so many gods, so many different playstyles you’re pretty much spoiled for choice and choosing your first gods to play can be as intimidating as standing in the world’s biggest sweet shop. So, when you see certain gods more than others, you feel inclined to try them out, to see exactly why they’re so popular. Over one hundred hours into the game, it’s more than possible you could still be playing them. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but this also has the added side effect of sentencing other lesser-played gods to such obscurity that it’s almost like encountering your first shiny in Pokemon when you see them being played. Therefore, today I want to give the more underrated gods-one of each role-a chance to shine and explain to you just why you should give them a try. Remember, this is just my opinion so it’s no problem if you disagree with me, you may even want to express which gods you think are the most underrated in the comments. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most underrated gods in SMITE!

#5 Kuzenbo


Right now, you’re probably asking yourself “Why has he chosen Kuzenbo, one of the newest gods to the game right now as one of the most underrated gods?”. Well, I considered putting Xing Tian-one of my favourite guardians-in this spot instead but recently he’s been growing in popularity ever since he started being used more competitively and he isn’t as rare as he used to be. Also, I’ve already talked about him about a hundred times in my other SMITE Countdowns and I’m running out of stuff to say about him. But why Kuzenbo then? Although he did have a surge of popularity upon his release like all new gods do, a couple of weeks after that he started fading into obscurity. Unlike most new gods, he was underpowered rather than overpowered and by the time the first buff came, the damage had already been done. Don’t let this dissuade you from playing him now though! Kuzenbo is one of the funnest gods in the game to play in my opinion and his recent buffs have made him viable at the very least and a few recent games as him seems to prove his late game is a beast. Hopefully Kuzenbo will be able to recover from his shell being upturned soon enough.

#4 Ullr


Hunter is easily the most popular role in SMITE, I mean, heck, the first god you’re introduced to in the tutorial is a hunter. This may make it hard to believe that there is a hunter that almost no-one plays, but there is: Ullr. Part of what makes Ullr so difficult to play is that he has a total of six abilities compared to the usual four with the slot usually reserved for your ultimate allowing you to toggle between them. Having to get used to two more abilities than usual as well as the absence of an ultimate is a major turnoff for a lot of people, including me. I’ve only played Ullr once and I switched between his two stances with all the grace of a three-legged hippo. After a twenty minute match, I still hadn’t got the hang of switching between and using his abilities. Ullr is probably the only god on this list that I can understand people not playing but don’t let that deter you from giving him a try. Most of the Ullr’s I’ve seen know what they’re doing after lot’s of practice and I hate to admit I’ve had my ass kicked by them quite often. While I may not like him myself, I believe he’s at least worth a try. Maybe he’ll even develop into one of your favourite gods.

#3 Serqet


If you’ve seen any of my other SMITE countdowns you’ll know I absolutely despise playing assassins. I know very little about most of them which made choosing the assassin that would make this list was quite difficult. Eventually, I decided on Serqet. Just looking at her abilities page gives you a good idea of why not many people choose to play this god. Almost all of her abilities involve some kind of poison that have a variety of effects and can be combined with each other. One of her abilities causes her to root and stealth herself which is a dangerous thing to do for such a squishy role. Yet all the times I’ve seen Serqet being played, she’s proved to be a dangerous adversary, able to outsmart and break apart an entire group of enemies with her specialist skills. I find myself intrigued by Serqet’s kit which is rare considering my hate for assassins and I’ve even tried her a couple times. Although I haven’t had much success, I think once you decode her abilities, she can bounce from enemy to enemy like a ping pong ball with the weight of a bowling ball.

#2 Zhong Kui


Zhong Kui is the only god on this list who’s unpopularity I don’t understand at all. In the 600 hours I’ve spent playing SMITE, I’ve probably only seen him a total of six times. No joke. He isn’t all that difficult to play, and he’s far from underpowered, especially after his recent buff. Sure, he may be a sitting duck, but most mages are. Zhong makes up for this however by being half-guardian. The master of demons is able to live up to his name by being able to exorcise demons from enemy minions and gods increasing his protections to ridiculous amounts as well as healing him on the spot. Combo’d with the massive area damage his stun and ultimate provides and Zhong Kui is probably the hardest to kill mage in the game due to the fact that no-one actually wants to come near him for fear of being ganked. As long as you can keep up your stacks, you’ll be downright invincible, yet he’s still able to dish out just as much as he can take. So why is he unpopular? Who knows? But there’s only one more god I consider more underrated and that is…

#1 Osiris


Yes, contrary to popular belief, Osiris is still in the game. You know they’re underrated when the fact that they are so rarely played is a joke within the community. Excluding the competitive scene, seeing someone playing Osiris is like finding diamonds in a pig sty. With some of the most skill-based and hardest-to-land abilities in the game, you can see why he’s the least-picked god in the game. Nevertheless, I have a lot of fun whenever I play Osiris and I’ve had some of my best games with him. Although he takes some getting used to, he can be an absolute brute, a massive lane bully and as I mentioned in my Top Five Warriors,  one of the best gods for one-on-one fights. When people play him well, he sure lives up to his title of Broken God of the Afterlife.

That was my Top Five Most Underrated Gods in SMITE! Maybe you’re tempted to give one of these gods a try now! If you like, go ahead and comment which gods you think are the most underrated, just be sure to respect each other’s opinion.


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