Gotham Episode 11: Rogue’s Gallery Review

Deception is a dangerous thing. Knowing who you can trust and who you cannot trust is a vital skill, especially when you’re a cop working in an asylum holding dozens of deranged sociopaths, murderers and kooks who lost their mind a long time ago. When an inmate is left in a vegetative state, Gordon’s suspicion is only heightened by the strange incident and he soon finds himself just as wary of the staff as the prisoners. How else could such an unfortunate event happen without outside help? In this episode, he won’t be the only one battling his trust of others. Indeed, such an integral part of life affects those in crime just as much as it affects those in a relationship or those living on the streets. Friendships will be broken. Lies will be told. After all, everyone has a little bit of rogue in them, whether they like to admit it or not.

The episode starts shortly after the events in the last episode, in which Gordon was re-assigned to Arkham Asylum, a bastion of craziness for Gotham’s lunatics. It’s clear from the start that his new job isn’t going very well, even before he fails to stop a brutish prisoner from attacking his fellow inmate. He’s on very thin ice from the start of the episode meaning there’s more at stake than just the death of a couple crazies. Shortly after, he befriends a nurse tending to the victim’s wounds. This episode surprised me greatly with its big reveal of the culprit. Initially, I was convinced the aforementioned nurse was to blame yet I was astonished to find out how far off I was. This is the first time I’ve found myself guessing into the very end rather than the villain pretty much just giving themselves straight away at the first opportunity.

Another thing I liked about this episode was that Gordon’s new job didn’t stop Harvey from making an appearance. Part of me was worried he wasn’t going to appear in the episode at all or have a role in the main case but he still managed to find a way to help out and was quite funny in the way he did it. Within a heartbeat, he arrives to lend Jim a hand showing the relationship they’ve built up since the first episode, where Harvey even threatened to kill him. Bullock has quickly grown to be one of my favourite characters and I was glad to see that he wasn’t sidelined and still had involvement in the case. Finally, I liked the short montage in the main arc of this episode showing off all the psychopaths that are resident to the Arkham Asylum. It gives a constant feeling of danger once you know what they’re all capable of.

Unfortunately, the bliss provided by Barbara’s recent absence from the show was shattered upon her getting a small, if infuriating couple of scenes in this episode. I’m sorry but bitch is literally the only word that can be used to describe this character. After having her life saved by Gordon, TWICE in the space of a single episode, she decides to go back to a former partner and sleep with her. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Montoya too, but at least she admitted how much of an inconsiderate asshole she was being. What did Barbara say? “I’m over Gordon”. As well as that, she flips out at simply hearing Ivy(yes, Poison Ivy) on the other side of Gordon’s phone. She is the most disgusting, unlikable and badly-written character on the show and I can only hope the writers see the Frankenstein they’ve created and be merciful to us by killing her off soon.

Anyway, back to Poison Ivy. I neglected to mention her short appearance in my review of the previous episode where it was established she was a ‘sorta’ friend of Selina. In this episode however, we see that she does, truly care for her. After finding her sick under some trash on the street, she breaks into Barbara’s penthouse(which I am completely fine with) and lets her in hoping she will get better soon. Apart from that, there wasn’t really much of them actually in the penthouse but maybe it’ll be a major plot point in the next episode. Gordon did have a part in killing Ivy’s father in the first episode, which is why she’s on the street in the first place. Like Penguin, she could be a ghost from Gordon’s past out to make his life even more difficult than it already is. It’s about time she got some focus after she was shown off in the pilot.

Penguin is still, unfortunately being curb-stomped after Penguin’s Umbrella. For such a manipulative mastermind, he really makes some stupid decisions. He threatens some fishermen, gets arrested and then begs to Maroni. Hopefully this incessant grovelling is all part of his master plan because I just want him to go back to being an unstoppable, terrifying puppetmaster. I was, however, shocked by someone I didn’t expect. Butch. So far, I don’t think I’ve even so much as mentioned him in my reviews. In my eyes, he just seemed like an expendable side-character who wouldn’t last long but he made me eat my words this episode. I’ll hold myself back from revealing too much but trust me, he’s not as merciful as his kind, chubby face might make you believe.

Overall, I enjoyed pretty much the entirety of this episode, well, except from Barbara of course. Thankfully, Gotham seems to be slowly escalating in quality since the laughably bad “The Mask”. Whether it’s building up to a major event that will affect everyone like in Penguin’s Umbrella or is trying to put more focus on the smaller stories remains to be seen though either way, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. Deception is a dangerous thing, and Gotham has more than managed to deceive me.


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