SMITE-Top Five Best Passives

When thinking of a god and their kit, their passive isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Passives don’t require you to manually activate them meaning they can go relatively unnoticed. Indeed, some are so unnoticeable that you can go entire games without noticing them. Nevertheless, most passives are just as important a part of a god’s kit as their active abilities and can give you that extra edge you need in battle to scrape a win. So today, I will be counting down the five passives in SMITE that I personally think are the most useful; one for each role. I won’t be judging them simply by how much extra damage or defence they provide a god but by how useful they are in a variety of situations. Remember, this is just my opinion so it’s completely fine to disagree with me! You may even want to comment the five passives you think are the most useful below. Anyway, without further ado, let’s take a look at which passives I think are the best in SMITE.

#5 Kali-Marked For Death


An assassins job is, well, assassination. Assassin is the role in charge of putting the enemy team through a slaughterhouse that produces gold and experience to further empower their team rather than meat; well, that too I suppose. The main problem I have with assassins though is that they’re incredibly squishy themselves, and for that reason, bad assassins like me can end up performing more kamikaze missions than assassinations and sometimes, not even get a kill or two to make up for it. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve seen an assassins with an equal number of kills and deaths. Luckily, Kali has a remedy for that problem: her passive Marked For Death. You can choose an enemy on the opposing team to be marked for death increasing penetration against them and the gold you are rewarded for killing them. But that’s not the best part. Upon killing them you will heal 80% of your max health and even if you only get an assist, you’ll still recover 15% of your max health. This gives Kali a much-needed opportunity to escape once she gets her kill or possibly even turn on any other nearby enemy gods for a massive kill chain of sustain. Anyone can use this passive and utilise it’s full potential. Beginners, veterans, players that are good at getting kills, players that are good at tanking; even me. And that’s what makes it so damn good.

#4 Tyr-Unyielding


One of the most prominent balance issues SMITE is associated with is CC or Crowd Control. This can be anything from slowing an enemy to crippling them so they can’t use movement abilities to stunning them. On its own, it’s an annoyance and can help the user get an advantage over their opponent. When certain gods with high CC are on a single team, it can be a completely unfair way of wiping out an entire team without them even being able to do anything about it. Tyr, being the Norse god of law and justice took a look at this and decided to teach these unjust CC abusers a lesson they wouldn’t forget. Hence, Tyr’s passive, Unyielding was born. Almost every kind of Crowd Control cannot affect Tyr for any longer than one second. This also stacks with Crowd Control Reduction meaning it can be reduced to even lower than that. Suffice to say, this made the community think twice about Crowd Control abuse and that’s reason enough for Tyr’s passive to make this list.

#3 Geb-Hard as Rock


Geb, like most guardians, isn’t a god that’s all that flashy. His abilities get the job done, but they don’t exactly extract a “Wow” from the mouth of players. His passive, is no exception to this. Hard as Rock is barely noticeable, but the colossal advantage it provides against hunters and assassins alike is simply too powerful to ignore. Hard as Rock reduces any critical hit damage done to Geb from 100% all the way down to 25%. Against hunters and assassins that rely heavily on critical damage such as Ne Zha, this passive will drive them absolutely nuts as they’ll barely be able to make a dent in Geb’s impenetrable armour. There’s not really anything else I can say about this but the amount of times it has saved my life is countless. Geb’s passive is certainly not one to be underestimated.

#2 Zhong Kui-Demon Bag


Zhong Kui’s passive is a bit different from most other god’s passives. Rather than being separate from the rest of the god’s abilities, Zhong’s passive is an integral part of his kit, even tying into his ultimate ability. For every enemy Zhong Kui hits with his Expose Evil and Exorcism combo he gets a demon healing him and filling his bag up to a maximum of 20 stacks. Each demon provides two protections meaning at max stacks, Zhong Kui has a whopping FOURTY protections. His demon bag also powers his ultimate which damages all enemy gods in a large area as well as doubling his bag protections for its duration meaning he can have a total of EIGHTY protections provided by his demon bag. This means Zhong Kui has much more fortitude and defence than pretty much every other mage. Mid and late game, he can be virtually unkillable thanks to his bag. Maybe I’m biased because I like playing the tanky roles the most but you have to admit, the bonus protections provided by Zhong Kui’s passive is positively demonic.

#1 Jing Wei-Rapid Reincarnation


If you’ve played SMITE for any amount of time, it probably won’t come as a surprise to see this passive as No. 1 on this list. To put it simply, Jing Wei’s passive allows her to fly out of the fountain and fly almost halfway across the map before landing. It certainly doesn’t seem impressive but let me put it this way. That short flight could be the difference between losing a tower or holding it, saving a teammate or losing them, finishing off an enemy who thought they had escaped or letting them get away. The massive mobility provided by this passive is impossible to ignore. Even if you haven’t utilised it yourself, it’s likely your life has been saved by the arrival of Jing Wei at the end of her passive. This passive is the bane of the enemy team. They can no longer reliably assault a tower while Jing Wei is still alive for fear of a swift assault from the sky. No matter where they are, they can’t be sure Jing Wei isn’t flying towards them right now to catch them by surprise. For these reasons, Jing Wei’s passive is easily the one I consider the best in the game and very few would disagree.

Honorable Mentions



Xing Tian-Smouldering Rage

Ra-Speed of Light


So that was my Top Five Favourite Passives in SMITE! Feel free to comment your favourite passives below as I’m interested to hear your opinion.


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