Top Five Favourite Hunters in SMITE

Out of all the roles in SMITE, Hunter is easily the most popular due to the simplistic but reliable and rewarding playstyle it provides. It’s also the first role you’re introduced to through the goddess Neith in the tutorial meaning its the role most people find easiest to get into. Despite hunter being one of my least favourite roles to play, I still have plenty of fun games with them when I choose to play them. Although most are generally considered quite easy to play, some are surprisingly difficult and require good aim and keen reactions to do well with. Therefore, today I will be counting down the five hunters in SMITE that I have the most fun playing and do the best at. Remember, this is just my opinion so it’s completely fine to disagree with me! This list isn’t the word of God… well, gods. So, ready your bow, spear or finger pistols and let’s start the countdown!

#5 Skadi


Let me start off by saying that Skadi would of been much higher on this list if not for her most recent nerf. For the most part, Skadi is a decent enough hunter but what makes, or did make her special was her wolf Kaldr. Having a wolf hunting partner made up for Skadi’s glaring lack of escape and she quickly became a favourite in the community due to how much Kaldr could disrupt the other team and how difficult he was to deal with when you were on your own. People feared Kaldr more than Skadi but what made her even stronger was her ultimate which made Kaldr invincible for a short amount of time as well as giving him AOE damage around him. I only recently started playing Skadi just before her nerf and she was such a fun god with a lot of versatility and a unique kit thanks to Kaldr.

Unfortunately, Skadi’s; or rather Kaldr’s reign was not to last and instead of giving him a decent nerf to make him fairer to play against they nerfed him and Skadi into the deepest depths of oblivion by removing the invincibility provided by Skadi’s ultimate. Now, she is even less viable than Hel. It’s a sad tale that freezes the soul but one day, hopefully Skadi and her master Kaldr will emerge from the snow again with a vengeance like an Abominable Kumbhakarna.

#4 Ah Muzen Cab


Like Skadi, Ah Muzen Cab is another, very recent favourite of mine. So far, I’ve only played a handful of games with this barbaric bee but I’m already in love with his playstyle and abilities. Ah Muzen Cab makes use of, you guessed it, bees to defeat his foes which is probably the most embarrassing way to be killed in SMITE. An omnipotent, all-seeing god taken down by a swarm of bees; it can’t really help their reputation. Anyway, the god of bees can do pretty much everything you’d expect from a bee. He can make hives to increase his attack speed and movement speed, he can command a swarm of bees to bulldoze anything in front of him and he can shoot honey to slow down his foes and make them all the more appealing to his bee buddies. My favourite part of his kit, however, is his ultimate. Although hard to aim, when his stinger hits it deals a massive amount of damage, cripples the enemy god hit and applies Bees! to them. But the best part is that, even if you don’t kill them, the stinger will drop on the floor and you can pick it back up for an 80% cooldown reduction on your ultimate bringing it down to SIXTEEN seconds. Overall, AMC, although limited by his beehives being easier to destroy than a marshmallow with a flamethrower, is a very versatile hunter with an incredibly powerful kit when in the right hands. Want to bee the best? Look no further than AMC.

#3 Cupid


Next on the list is a god most of you will probably know, even if you don’t play SMITE: Cupid, the Roman God of love. Despite his seemingly lovable and adorable appearance, Cupid is one of the most feared hunters in the game and probably the most feared one since Skadi’s nerf. After Neith, Cupid is the most played hunter in the game and embraces simplicity even more than all the other hunters. He has a simple dash, a handy heal and an enormous AOE ultimate that slows, damages and cripples all caught in its unyielding grasp. His passive allows him to build up basic attacks to increase the amount he heals with his healing ability and adds a stun to his first Heart Bomb ability as well as to his ultimate. There’s not much more I can say about this god. His playstyle is speedy, satisfying and straightforward. Usually I lean towards more complicated kits but maybe I just have a soft spot for baby men. First Vamana and now this ferocious toddler.

#2 Jing Wei


This the entry on this list that I feel the least people will disagree with. Jing Wei started off an incredibly strong hunter, and to be honest, still very much is. One of the reasons for this is that she has the best mobility of not just every hunter in the game, but also every god. First off is her passive which I’ve already said is my personal favourite in the game. It allows her to fly a large distance from her fountain to quickly get back into lane or help out an allied god in either pursuing an enemy or escaping. On top of this, her third ability, Agility, allows her to get out of a tight spot with a quick dash on the air or in the ground and when combined with her first ability, Persistent Gust, she can be a real pain to catch. The only reason she’s not Number One on this list is because of her ultimate which is incredibly easy to dodge and isn’t all that useful or fun to use in the majority of situations. I digress; Jing Wei may be a little girl but as you’ve seen from the previous entries on this list, looks can be very, very deceiving.

#1 Anhur


Anhur has been my favourite, go to hunter in SMITE for a while now, ever since I started playing, which is strange. Somehow, I gravitated towards the most difficult hunter after Ullr despite his intimidating kit and I’ve been a fan of him ever since. There are those games where I do fail spectacularly with him but that’s what makes him so fun to play. While with other gods, you may eventually fall into a pattern of attack that you repeat endlessly, almost subconsciously, you can pretty much never get used to Anhur. His pillar and spear combo is so difficult to land and setup that you have to constantly make use of your environment and adapt just to get in the right position. His leap can give you the opportunity you need to pin a foe but it’s delayed and not exactly subtle meaning you have to make constant use of surprise and timing to really use it successfully. Finally, his ultimate can give you the chance to swiftly finish off a fleeing foe but only at the expense of limiting your actions for a short while. When you play Anhur, you’re constantly force to think and adapt to your surroundings meaning no game is ever the same. While I may still not be used to playing Anhur(and I don’t think I ever will be) the fun I have playing Anhur more than makes up for it. If I didn’t admit that, I’d be lion(I’m sorry).

So that was my Top Five Favourite Hunters in SMITE! With all the different hunters and the amount of people who play them, you’re sure to disagree with me in one way or another and that’s completely fine. Feel free to comment your favourite hunters in SMITE below as I’m interested to hear your opinion.


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