Top Five Favourite Assassins in SMITE

Assassins are the role you most watch out for in SMITE. Their unparalleled ability to quickly and efficiently take down a single target and escape is cause enough to be wary. As a mage, hunter or pretty much any role, you constantly have to be on your guard for the telltale laugh of a Loki or the boisterous belch of a Bakasura having just finished its minion meal. The second you’re left on your own away from any kind of backup from your teammates, you are instantly made a target for an assassin and if one manages to find you, you better pray to whatever gods the gods have. Assassin may be my least favourite role in SMITE due to the fact that a simple sneeze can be enough to abruptly end the life of one but I can still appreciate what makes them the go-to role for other people. I’ve still managed to have some great games with assassins and I simply can’t deny how fun it is to rip through an enemy god’s health like a 1,000 degree knife through butter. So today, I’ll be counting down my personal Top Five Favourite Assassins! Remember, this is just my opinion so it’s completely fine to disagree with me. Grab your backstabbing knife, mark an enemy for death and prepare for Ragnarok because here’s my Top Five Favourite Assassins in SMITE!

#5 Ne Zha


Ever wanted to play a boy-girl lotus prince riding on dual unicycles wielding a spear, hula hoop and sash? Then Ne Zha is the assassin for you! Among all the assassins, his playstyle is probably the simplest. However, that doesn’t mean he’s easy to play. The idea is that you build up your passive which increases your critical chance by attacking enemies with your hoop and other attacks before pulling yourself over to an enemy god with your sash and rushing them with your ultimate. If you pull this off well, you’ll deal major damage and leave them in a vulnerable position even if they don’t die, as well as taking an enemy god out of the fight for a short while. When you manage to do this, the resulting carnage is glorious and incredibly rewarding. That’s if you manage to do this however. Ne Zha’s passive runs out fleetingly fast and you constantly need to put yourself at risk to maintain it. It’s the definition of a high-risk, high-reward playstyle and for that reason, Ne Zha gets Number Five on this list!

#4 Thanatos


An assassins main focus, that should take priority over everything else, is getting kills. So what better god than the god of death, Thanatos, to fill that role? Thanatos is a little different from all the other gods in the game, in that his abilities use up his health as well as his mana. This could be considered a major disadvantage, but its offset by the massive lifesteal that comes with landing one of these said abilities. You can easily restore a quarter of his health with just a single ability and the low mana cost side effect means he isn’t as limited by mana as the other assassins in the game. In most other aspects, he’s a normal assassin, apart from his ultimate. In a flashy show of power, Thanatos ascends into the sky able to fly across the map like the angel of death he is, before striking and taking yet another life from the world, the life of a god. Under a certain health threshold, his ultimate one-shots enemy gods making him a very formidable foe indeed. Hearing the piercing screech that comes before he plucks your soul from your body is almost enough to cause a heart attack. Thanatos’ presence is constant, looming over the game like a shadow blotting out the sun, and for that, he gets Number Four on this list.

#3 Kali


That’s right, Kali is no longer my second favourite assassin in SMITE. That’s not to say I don’t like her though. She’s still a brilliant, versatile supernova of destruction. The massive lifesteal provided by her ‘Marked For Death’ passive as well as the extra she gets from Lash can make her almost unkillable at times. Combine this with lightning fast basics and a brutal stun and Kali can take you out before you even know what’s happened. Kali is one of the easiest assassins to play in the game in my opinion and for someone who dies every five seconds when playing assassins, that’s great. Overall, she’s a pretty solid assassin, maybe a little predictable, but nevertheless incredibly rewarding once you get the hang of her.

#2 Bakasura


Bakasura is a more recent favourite of mine compared with the other entries in this list but it only took me a couple games to fall in love with him and his kit. Two of his main abilities aren’t really anything special. He has a leap as well as a true damage buff but it’s the other two of Bakasura’s abilities that solidify him as being Number 2 on this list. As you might expect from someone who has a massive mouth on their chest, Bakasura likes eating and throughout the course of the game you can eat minions healing you and giving you a temporary buff. This also builds stacks for your ultimate which has quickly risen to become one of my favourite ultimate abilities in the game. His ultimate ability allows him to regurgitate all the minions he has eaten(a maximum of six) and have them attack enemy gods. On top of this, all enemy gods are slowed and crippled and Bakasura’s basic attacks become cone shaped. The destructive power contained within this single ability is absolutely astounding. Assassins are my worst role and often I struggle to even get a single kill, yet with Bakasura’s ultimate, I’ve managed to successfully take devour the entire enemy team at once. No amount of kills can satiate your insatiable hunger when you’re playing Bakasura.

#1 Hun Batz


I’ve already talked about Hun Batz several times before and my opinion of him still remains unchanged. Maybe I’m just biased towards monkey gods but I still think Hun is the best assassin in the game as well as one of the funnest gods to play. There’s just something about annihilating the entire enemy team and sending them into complete disarray with the click of a mouse that never gets old. While his playstyle is simple, it’s easy to get the hang of and incredibly satisfying to execute. Like the monkey he is, he can get in and out in the blink of an eye disappearing back into the jungle like a predator slinking back into the shadows ready to pounce. Similar to Thanatos, his presence is constant, but Thanatos is only really capable of taking on one enemy god at once while Hun can quickly and efficiently destroy an entire team. There’s nothing more I can really say without it being a repeat of everything I’ve already said about Hun Batz; he’s still my favourite assassin in the game and he probably always will be.

Well, that was my Top Five Favourite Assassins in SMITE! Do you disagree with me and have your own opinions about which assassins are the best? Feel free to comment your favourites down below, I’m interested to hear your opinion.


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