Flash Friday: Super Duck Punch

Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or one hundred duck-sized horses? Would you rather fight a hippo-sized hamster or fifty hamster-sized hippos? What about a hydra with giraffe heads or a giraffe with a hydra head? These are the deep, philosophical questions that Super Duck Punch presents you with. Would the horde of tiny beasts overwhelm you? Or could the morbidly giant and aggressive duck take you out with a single flap of its mighty wings? Whichever you end up choosing, Super Duck Punch doesn’t go easy on you. And these fights are simply the warm up. The starter. The tutorial. Many more bloodthirsty abominations await you, teeth bared, eyes glaring and many heads swinging in anticipation of their next kill. How do you prepare for this sort of thing? How can you even hope for a chance of victory? The answer is a simple one my friends. Punch the everlasting shit out of whatever crosses your path.

Super Duck Punch is a simple game. You start the game and are presented with a choice: ‘Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or one hundred duck-sized horses?’. After making your choice, you are thrown into an arena to fight your chosen opponent. There isn’t any sort of complex strategy or confusing mechanics to wrap your head around. You punch the thing(s), and it’s fun. You can move around and use Z, X and C to jab, punch and kick respectively. Jabbing is fast, but doesn’t deal much damage, punching deals more damage but is slower and kicking… well, I never really found a use for kicking. Apparently you’re supposed to use it to knock enemies into the air but that’s nowhere near worth it when kicks are slow, deal so little damage and often miss their target completely. Hitboxes can be frustrating at times in Super Duck Punch, and all the time if you decide to utilise kicking.

As you punch without getting hit yourself, you build up a combo which seems to slowly raise the damage you deal to enemies. You can build up a combo without hitting the enemies at all which can be a way of exploiting enemies. In the easier battles, you can exploit enemies, and they can also exploit you. One time, I punched a hippo-sized hamster from full to zero health without giving it a chance to retaliate due to my knockback. Another time when I fought two hippo-sized hamsters, they exacted their revenge by piling on top of each other and spamming their teeth gnashing attack. Invincibility frames simply don’t exist in Super Duck Punch. In one of the hardest battles I charged the enemy only to get knocked down and repeatedly knocked down by an onslaught of enemy attacks until I was down to zero health.

You may think I’m making the combat in Super Duck Punch out to be bad but it really isn’t. Although it mostly boils down to continually pressing Z and X, it’s still pretty fun. After the first three battles, you can choose which fights you want to do in whatever order you like, but it’s suicide to try the later fights early on. After every fight, you get points that you can use to increase your attack, health and revival health. When you die, you enter a quick minigame where you have to stop an arrow in the red area to be revived. It gets harder with each successive death, and after three deaths you get no more revives meaning you aren’t invincible if you’re really good at timing your button presses.

The graphical style and the monsters themselves are the best parts of this game. For a Flash game, Super Duck Punch looks futuristic with the detail it contains. The game doesn’t use many words as the simple concept and design of the beasts and main character is humorous on its own. There are no other games you can refer back to when you proudly announce your duck-maiming skills to the world, it’s truly unique in appearance. Unfortunately, the game is brought down slightly by the somewhat premium extra content. Extra punch damage and a survival mode is locked off for anyone who’s not a registered Kongregate user and an extra set of battles is sealed unless you’re at least Level Two on the site. The survival mode doesn’t matter all that much, you can only fight horses and the only reason to play it is if you care about high scores as there is no sort of reward for playing it. Although I’m a Level Fourty Kongregate user so it didn’t affect me much, the extra content feels cheap and unfair on those who just want to have some duck-punching fun, especially the extra punch damage.

Overall, Super Duck Punch may not be as revolutionary as its appearance may make out, but it can’t be denied that it’s still a whole lot of fun. It’ll keep you occupied for an hour or so and a fun-filled hour it will be. It may have a lot of problems in the end, but there’s really no other game like it online, no, scratch that, in the entire game’s industry. Punching may not be the solution to everything, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s overly satisfying… especially when the victim of your pugilism is a duck.


  • Free
  • Neat graphical style
  • Humorous tone
  • Ridiculous enemies
  • Combat is bare-bones, but fun
  • Upgrades give a feeling of progression


  • Registered user exclusive content
  • Kick is very ineffective
  • No invincibility frames
  • Combo builds even if you don’t hit enemies
  • Not much point to survival mode

Verdict: 7/10

Play the game here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/kongregate/super-duck-punch


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