Top Five Worst Passives in SMITE

Passives aren’t a very noticeable part of a god’s kit. I’ve already talked about this in my ‘Top Five Best Passives’ list I did around two months ago and I’ve noticed something. When a passive is good, most of the time it’s almost completely ignored. Some are more obvious like Jing Wei’s Rapid Reincarnation but for the most part, passives are either completely unnoticeable or built into a god’s kit so integrally that it’s stretching the limits of actually being a passive. On the other hand however, when a passive just isn’t that great, when it’s effect is so minuscule it may not even exist and makes the god look like a laughing stock, it is very noticeable. Well, in a weird sort of way. You still don’t really notice it there but you can feel its effects degrading your god and you can’t help but look at the passive meter and ask yourself “What do you even do?”. A simple look at the skill screen reveals the root of the problem but doesn’t do anything to fix it. So today, I’m going to be looking at the five passives that I personally think are the worst in SMITE. Maybe you can get some use out of them, but to me, the passives on this list range from bad to borderline pointless. Besides, you shouldn’t have to actively try to use a passive.

#5 Thor-Warrior’s Madness


If I asked you what an assassin’s job was, what would you say? Probably something along the lines of “a fast and lethal glass cannon who’s primary focus is finishing off lone gods”. Thor’s passive may make him even more of a glass cannon, but it doesn’t really help with the second part. Warrior’s Madness completely contradicts Thor’s role as an assassin, giving him an extra ten physical power for every god within thirty units of him. This suggests that Thor is supposed to take on multiple enemy gods at once, when that really isn’t a good idea, even with his burst due to his squishiness. It isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just very situational, only helping if he encounters a group of very low health gods. It would be a lot more useful if it was protections instead of power but alas, it isn’t, and for that, Thor get’s the Number Five spot on this list.

#4 Ravana-Chain of Blows 


Coming in at Number Four is Ravana with his Chain of Blows. For every eight basic attacks Ravana lands, he gains a shield equal to 5% of his maximum health that can stack up to three times. This seems good at first considering how warriors can rely just as much on their basic attacks as hunters, but its effects are so minor that it may as well not exist. First of all, 5% of your maximum health is near nothing and will very rarely save you from death. Secondly, eight hits is a lot, even if you have high attack speed and in a fight with another warrior, I often don’t even build up the stacks once, yet alone two or three times. Finally, trying to build it up before a fight with the enemy gods is often fruitless as minions have completely destroyed it every time I’ve tried. This passive could greatly benefit from a shield increase as small as 5%, or a reduction in the amount of basics you need to land. It’s still very rarely useful, and although that isn’t much, that’s why it gets quite low on this list.

#3 Izanami: Death Draws Nigh


Izanami’s passive is quite similar to Thor’s passive in that it’s very situational and provides the exact opposite of what you need in a bad situation. Death Draws Nigh gives Izanami 4% physical penetration for each 15% of her health that is missing. This wouldn’t be that great on its own if it provided physical power, but it provides physical penetration. Why would you need that when you’re close to death? 95% of the time, it’s going to be a killing role chasing you down with little to no protection meaning most of the time, it’s going to be completely useless. At least Thor’s passive has a use, even if it isn’t the one you need right then. And for that, Izanami’s passive is Number Three on this list.

#2 Nox-Flame of the Night


This will probably be the most agreed upon entry on this list. Nox’s Flame of the Night get’s Number Two on this list for a large number of reasons. The boost of 3% extra magical power for every ability cast is puny and only stacks up to 12%. As well as that, all it takes is a single hit from an enemy god to get rid of all of Nox’s stacks. Even for a back-line mage, that’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s near impossible to completely avoid damage meaning her passive can be easily shut down before she has even started using it. While Nox may be a powerful god overall, it’s generally agreed her passive is pointless. If you can get any use out of it, then you are truly a master at playing Nox.

#1 Sylvanus-Nature’s Protection


I love Sylvanus. Just thought I’d get that out of the way before I tear his passive to shreds. Seriously, I love playing him, but his passive is absolutely pathetic and I wasted no time in choosing it as the worst passive in the game. I’ve never once seem it come in use, heck I don’t even think I’ve seen it activate. “Enemies that successfully land a melee basic attack on Sylvanus have a 25% chance to be rooted for 1s. This may only happen once every 12s.”. Let’s take this passive step-by-step and look at all the things that make it bad. ‘Melee’-The attack has to be melee, not ranged, meaning it’s completely worthless against mages and hunters. ‘25% chance‘-So the odds are the passive won’t even activate? This better be an amazing passive. ‘Rooted for 1 second’-Okay, so it roots them for an incredibly short amount of time? Well that’s underwhelming. ‘may only happen once every 12s’. You’re kidding me right? The passive was already incredibly bad as it was, now you’re limiting it to the point where it’ll probably only activate once per fight?

As you can see, Sylvanus’ passive is limited to the point where it’ll rarely ever prove any use and the use it does provide isn’t even very good. I’ve got Sylvanus at Mastery IV, playing over twenty games and I’ve not once seen it activate, let alone prove useful. Sylvanus is a great god overall, but he unquestionably has the worst passive out of every god in SMITE.


So that was my ‘Top Five Worst Passives in SMITE’! I hope you enjoyed reading this! If you disagree with any entry in this list, then that’s completely fine. Feel free to leave your own mini list in the comments as I’m interested to hear what you all think.


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