Flash Friday: Relive Your Life

Life is a complicated matter. No matter how much control you think you have over the direction of your life, there’s always something that could blow you off course. It is inevitable and unavoidable that you will eventually find yourself in the eye of a storm or stranded in what seems like a dead-end job. While the relentless wind can be a good thing, pushing you towards success, it can also just as easily cause a shipwreck; one which you might never recover from. As Forrest Gump from the famous movie of the same name said: “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”. So, what’s the harm in getting in a bit of practice? Relive Your Life allows you to do just that, albeit with some trace elements of fantasy.

In Relive Your Life, you, as the title implies, relive your life. You do this through a number of simple minigames. They may involve simply pressing the ‘x’ key repeatedly, inputting a specific sequence of keys or typing out sentences without making any mistakes. It’s not exactly the pinnacle of gameplay but it doesn’t matter all that much as you’ll be entertained enough to not really care. At least until you have to repeat the same minigame 20+ times to reach a different ending. There are a total of twenty-nine endings which would only be a good thing if you could choose where to start your next life on something like an extended timeline. If you want to get all the endings then you’re going to have to play through the same ‘x-key-spamming’ minigame over and over and over again; a total of twenty-nine times. It just isn’t that fun any more after the first five times and that’s one of the biggest problems with Relive Your Life.

There’s no real way to fail the minigames. Sitting completely still and drinking a cup of tea while waiting for the timer to go down is a perfectly viable option. Instead of just ending your game there and forcing you to repeat the minigame once again, your life story simply takes a different turn. For example, in the first minigame, you’re challenged to mash the ‘x’ key to keep a female sperm from invading your egg so you can stay male. If you do nothing then you’ll just grow up as a female and if you resist but fail, you end up as a weird amalgamation of boy and girl. This can also be a bad thing however. The game isn’t exactly clear on how many ways you can fail or succeed a minigame or even where the paths to all the different endings are. It’s possible you could not realise about the amalgamation route and spend ages trying to figure out where the other ten endings are, getting frustrated and exiting the game.

Easily the best part of this game is the course the story takes, the humour, and the awesome animation that goes with it. The animation is pretty nice and it’s narrated by Egoraptor, a legendary animator who’s had a large presence on the Internet since Newground’s infancy. Almost all of his lines are in rhyme which gives the game a certain charm and coerces you into playing all the endings. This goes hand-in-hand with the game’s humour, which, while not enough to warrant a laugh, did entertain me greatly. It’s these features that give you the spirit to keep playing and find all the endings which will take you a good while; an hour, at least.

Overall, Relive Your Life is a game that could of benefited greatly from just a couple more days development time. The simple addition of a feature that would allow you to skip to any point in the game would of worked wonders, and given me more reason to get all the endings. Considering you can watch all the endings on Youtube, there isn’t much incentive to complete it. Nevertheless, Relive Your life is a fun, little experience that you won’t soon forget. To you, I make this straightforward bet.


  • Free
  • Good animation
  • Decent Length
  • Lot’s of replayibility for a Flash game
  • Multiple endings


  • Have to repeat minigames over and over again to get all endings
  • Have to start from the beginning to get to all the endings
  • Game is not clear on where some of the choices are

Verdict: 7/10

Play the game for free here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/fr0z3nf1r3/relive-your-life


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