Flash Friday: Drop Dead 2

Note: I’m trying out a new rating system in this Flash Friday Review as I don’t think the 1-10 rating system works as well for Flash games. Tell me what you think of the rating system in the comments so I can decide whether to keep it or not. If I do keep it then I’ll probably go back and convert the ratings of all my previous Flash Friday reviews to this new system. Anyway, onto the review!

The Ragdoll genre is a relatively new genre in the history of video games. Mainly taking the form of an online Flash game, ragdoll games have you control, well, a ragdoll. There’s just some kind of odd joy in controlling a puppet and messing around with it however you like. Somehow, the mere movement of such a loose, limping, flailing fish of a simple ragdoll is enough to evoke the strangest happiness in the hearts of pretty much everyone. Most ragdoll games challenge you to do one thing, and one thing only: damage the ragdoll as much as is physically possible. Drop Dead 2 takes this idea to the most extreme level and revels in the madness it creates.

In Drop Dead 2, you take control, albeit, very limited control, of a puppet. You can only do two things, pull the puppet along with your mouse like a puppetmaster manipulating the strings, or make the puppet character jump. Your intention in doing this? To deal as much damage to the puppet as possible before you either run out of pulls, or they inevitably die. There’s just something undeniably fun about sending a ragdoll hurtling into some saws or pulling them into some bombs or continually firing a stream of cannonballs straight into their chest. Drop Dead 2 provides the tools you need and invites you to find creative solutions to getting the highest score possible.

There are a wide range of levels, each with their own objectives for you to complete. Getting a certain score, beheading the ragdoll, getting the decapitated head to a certain point on the map and dismembering all the ragdoll’s limbs. Some levels have a puzzle-like structure, requiring you to navigate your ragdoll around the map to get to an area where you can deal some real damage. Most are quite open and provide you with a number of methods for tearing apart your toy. Almost all of the levels are brilliantly creative and it’s clear a lot of work went into designing them. When you get tired of the creator’s maps however, the game allows users to create their own levels and share them for your enjoyment.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll ever get around to the user-created levels however as the game is positively bursting with content. There are six worlds and well over twenty levels each with the four objectives mentioned above. As you play these levels, you build up your total score which unlocks new worlds, more pulls, new characters and new modes. Oh yeah, did I also mention that there are several modes? These modes all use the same levels, but have different objectives and limitations to challenge you such as a Time Trial mode and a mode where you only start with one pull. Unfortunately, I didn’t play too much of these modes. There are no kind of rewards or even an achievement screen for completing these objectives, and the game is so repetitive that you will eventually tire of playing the same levels over and over again.

The characters provide slightly different playstyles but over HALF of them are blocked by a premium content wall. You also have the option to buy the modes with Kreds but you can unlock the modes just by playing the game. There is no way to get all the characters without paying Kreds which ruins the game slightly. Another problem with the game is the pulling system. Although it works most of the time, it occasionally stops mid-pull before working again causing me to pull the ragdoll the wrong way or completely waste a pull. Finally, the difficulty curve is very sporadic. I had the most trouble getting a high enough total score to unlock World Three. This was mostly in part to the unfair difficulty of World Two which contains a lot of water, which drowns your ragdoll, instantly ending that attempt if they spend too long in it. On the other hand, I unlocked the final world in a matter of ten minutes, barely expending any effort.

Overall, Drop Dead 2 is a solid game in the RPG genre. Despite its repetitive gameplay, it can still be a whole lot of fun and the creative levels can keep you hooked for a while. It’s just too bad that most of the characters are locked behind a paywall because it really could of given the game the extra life and longevity it sorely needs. Whether you are going to stick around for an hour or ten hours, this game will definitely provide the raw, pure fun that so many Flash games wish to achieve. A well known phrase is: “No pain, no gain”, and never has this been more true than in Drop Dead 2.


  • Free(mostly)
  • Lot’s of content
  • Lot’s of replayability
  • Creative levels
  • Many different ways to complete level objectives
  • Dark, humorous style
  • User-created levels


  • Pulling system can be awkward
  • Game is very repetitive
  • Sporadic difficulty curve(looking at you Waterworks)
  • Paid extra content

Masterpiece   Amazing   Worth your time   Average   Meh   Waste of time   Kill it with fire

Play it for free here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/ttursas/drop-dead-2


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