Ranking the Season Two Teen Titans Episodes From Worst to Best

Although the series was still finding its feet and attaining the right mix of dark, serious moments, and lighthearted comedy moments, Season One of Teen Titans proved to be a success. It had its fair share of bad episodes *cough* *cough* Deep Six, but they didn’t really detract from the season as a whole. Now the writers were feeling a little more confident, they decided to try out some new ideas resulting in some of the most creative episodes in the series, as well as the introduction of a new Titan: Terra. Fans of the show seem to be on two sides: Those who love Terra, and those who absolutely hate her. Certain people aren’t going to be very happy with me whichever side I’m on so I may as well spit it out. I’m the latter. My dislike of one aspect doesn’t completely affect my judgement of the season’s arc however, and as someone who’s now watched the season over four times, I’m determined to give it a fair chance. No matter how convicted I am to this task however, I’m sure not all of you will agree with me, and that’s fine! Feel free to leave your favourite and least favourite episodes of the second season in the comments below. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at Teen Titans Season Two.

#13 Every Dog Has His Day


Oh Beast Boy. Why do all your episodes have to be so mediocre? Apart from The Beast Within, I can’t give you one BB episode(apart from his Season Five arc episodes) that was great or even that memorable. This episode is no exception. Beast Boy gets mixed up with another green dog who happens to be a childish alien’s pet and it’s up to the rest of the titans to save him before he leaves Earth forever. While the plot is wacky, it’s not all that engaging like one of Mad Mod’s episodes and although it has a few funny jokes here and there, that’s the only real merit the episode has. To its credit, I do like the design of Soto’s spaceship which fits with his immature nature, but overall the episode is just ‘meh’ at best.

#12 Transformation


Transformation is an episode about puberty. Yep. Can you imagine that meeting? “Okay, we still need an idea for one more episode of Teen Titans. Anyone got any ideas? Let’s make an episode about puberty!” I mean, they are teens but was this episode really necessary? It just feels like they ran out of ideas and they needed one more episode for the season so they just said “Let’s make Starfire ugly for an episode!”. Like with Forces of Nature, the moral feels a bit shoehorned in and the whole narrator part just felt wholly unnecessary. In conclusion, it’s just a decent, but overly uninteresting episode.

#11 Fractured


The above picture pretty much sums up my reaction to this episode. People either seem to love this episode or despise it and unfortunately, I’m on the latter side. After re-watching it a few times over the years, my dislike for it has significantly decreased but I still don’t see how people can love this episode. It’s similar to Mad Mod’s two episode and Mumbo Jumbo’s episode but I find that this episode isn’t nearly as clever with its jokes. Fractured doesn’t really have a focus point and thus it lacks many of the references and cultural gags that those other episodes contain. I found Larry more annoying that funny; much more annoying and I would have completely forgot about Johnny Rancid had he not appeared in Revved Up and the Season Five finale. It’s certainly not a forgettable episode like Transformation, but I didn’t really want to remember some parts of this episode.

#10 Date With Destiny


Date with Destiny is the only good comedy-centric episode in Season Two in my opinion. Kitten is a really annoying character, but in a good way. Whoever came up with the idea that Robin should be forced to go on a date with a spoilt and pampered girl much to Starfire’s disdain is a genius. It’s nowhere near the greatest episode in Season Two but the tension between Robin, Starfire and Kitten makes for a hilarious atmosphere and some great comedic moments. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a fan of the Starfire and Robin ship that didn’t like this episode. However, the villain, Mothman, is kind of boring. Hell, Kitten was more memorable a villain than him, even if it was for the wrong reasons. At least she had a personality. The episodes only get better and better from here on out.

#9 Terra


Let me start this off by saying I hate Terra(the character).  I know I pretty much just sentenced myself to death for the crime of having an opinion on the Internet but I will not be silenced dammnit! Maybe I’m just biased because I prefer the Raven and BB ship over the Terra and BB ship. Beast Boy is too good for her. Fight me. Anyway, onto the episode. I think they did a pretty good job of introducing Terra in this episode, at least until the ending. Watching this for the first time, she seemed like a decent enough character. Her power was cool and although she seemed a little rough around the edges(get it?), I thought she could shine with enough development. Slade is an instant plus for an episode and thankfully he’s just as chilling as he was in Season One, except his target is Terra this time. The ending was just dumb though. They had a simple misunderstanding and Terra just completely blew it out of proportion. I know they had to separate her from the titans for the story arc, but I can think of a hundred better ways of doing it. A good introductory episode with a lacklustre ending that feels forced.

#8 Only Human


While Cyborg may be my least favourite member of the Teen Titans, I can still appreciate his good episodes. Only Human is one of these good episodes and although it’s not one of the best of Season Two, it’s still entertaining. Cyborg’s fight against Atlas was intense; what better villain for a Cyborg who misses his human parts than a supposedly perfect robot who thinks humans are puny and weak? The mechanic and the whole ‘respect’ moral was an otherwise dull part of an entertaining  episode but apart from that, Only Human is a strong, well-written Season Two episode even if it pales in comparison to the episodes higher(or lower?) on this list.

#7 Winner Take All


Winner Take All is 100% fanservice and it’s awesome. Ever since superheroes(and supervillains) were created, there has always be the omnipresent playground question of who would win in a fight. People today are still obsessed by the idea if Captain America: Civil War and Batman vs Superman is anything to go by and, as with any form of superhero media, the ‘Who would win in a fight?’ question was present during Teen Titan’s run too. Admittedly, it would of been a bit dull if it was just a tournament amongst the Teen Titans so some extra superheroes plus Gizmo were thrown into the mix as well. Some of the best action in the series resides in this episode, the fight between Robin and Speedy being particularly noteworthy. The story wasn’t that great but did it really have to be? No. I’m just sore that we never got to see the Tournament of Heroines which was teased at the end of the episode. That would of been awesome to see.

#6 Titan Rising


This episode is awesome. There’s plenty of action, Slade makes an appearance, Terra returns(though whether that’s good or not is debatable) and just the overall feel and atmosphere in this episode fills you with a buzz of trepidation and giddy excitement. But do you know what got this episode the most points from me? Yep, you guessed it! Raven and Terra’s relationship is the most memorable part of this episode for me. Raven barely puts up with the other Titan’s, so she isn’t going to be so welcoming to an outsider. Their little spats are simultaneously tense and hilarious to watch but Raven learns to tolerate Terra by the end. She was right the entire time about not trusting her however considering how she later becomes Slade’s apprentice. All of the Titans are at their absolute best in this episode and for five years and five separate viewings, it has never failed to thrill and entertain me.

#5 Betrayal


If I can give Season Two’s main story arc one thing over Season One’s main story arc, it’s that the setup for the finale was so much better. Although Apprentice was great, most of the episodes building up to it were seemingly so unrelated to it and could be mistaken for normal singular episodes such as Forces of Nature and Final Exam. Season Two handles it with much more grace. The assault on Titan Tower is one of my favourite fight scenes in the show. Seeing Robin and the rest of the Titans take cover behind rubble, protect their home and almost get overwhelmed is one of the most epic scenes in the show. As well as this, despite my dislike for the Terra and Beast Boy ship, I couldn’t help but smile at the funfair montage. Finally, the House of Mirror’s scene and Beast Boy’s fight against Slade made the episode even more incredible than it already was. One of my favourite season arc episodes(not counting the finales).

#4 Fear Itself


This is another episode that I really don’t think gets enough credit. Whenever people talk about the best Teen Titans episodes, I rarely ever hear them talking about Fear Itself. From the creative introduction and fight with Control Freak to Raven’s confrontation of her fears, this episode kept me hooked all the way through. Despite the dark atmosphere and the fact that parts of this episode are downright terrifying, there are still a few moments where the episode manages to make you laugh. “What did I tell you? Funny guy goes firrrrrrrrrssssstttt!!!” has got to be one of Beast Boy’s best lines in the show, and that says a lot. On top of this, the episode is full to the brim with horror movie references. Seriously, this episode deserves way more recognition. I know literally ALL of Raven’s episodes are good, but Fear Itself is still a strong contender for best Raven episode.

#3 Aftershock Part Two


Okay, this is probably going to be the most hotly debated episode position on this list. While I do like the second part of Teen Titans Season Two finale, it’s just lacking something that the first part had. It’s not the action, there’s plenty of that. It’s not the lack of a menacing villain, Slade always manages to fill that role and go beyond. It’s not that it’s more comedic, Aftershock Part Two is as serious as serious can get. The problem I have with the second part is Terra herself. I never really liked her character but I could put up with her in the first part because she seemed to finally find her place in the show: A former friend turned heartless villain by the Titan’s arch-nemesis. Yet, in this episode, her character is completely turned around for seemingly no reason. She showed no mercy when she sealed Beast Boy in a gaping chasm. She showed no mercy while she was presumably drowning Raven to death. She showed no mercy when she was obliterating an entire goddamn town of life. But five minutes into the episode she’s suddenly “Can’t we just be friends again?”. The Titans, Beast Boy especially gave her more than enough chances to redeem herself, but now they’re past that and are going all out, she’s suddenly a good guy. Not to say, this episode is bad, many of the core fundamentals that made the first part so amazing are here, but Terra made me like this episode just a little less than the next two episodes on this list.

#2 How Long is Forever


Season Two got off to a significantly stronger start than Season One with How Long is Forever. Debatably one of the saddest episodes of Teen Titans, this episode combines a depressing story with an important moral, some great action and even a few comedy moments which don’t interrupt the episode’s more serious tone: “I’m going to be bald?!?!?”. Seeing all the titans grown up without the company of one of their friends is heartbreaking, yet also insightful. Don’t tell me you didn’t freak out when Robin, now going by the name Nightwing made his epic entrance into the episode like an absolute badass. Warp was a villain that could have done with a little more character but that’s literally the only complaint I have about this episode. Not just one of the best episodes of Season Two, but one of the best in the entire series.

#1 Aftershock Part One


I know it seems weird, but I like Aftershock’s first part more than Aftershock’s second part. Terra is completely committed to being a villain in this episode and when she does play one, without any hesitation, she makes a great foe for the titans. The episode starts off seemingly normal and carefree until Terra smashes a rock into the T-Car completely wrecking it(not for the first time and not for the last). Despite the battle being five against one, Slade’s helping hand and the titan’s hesitation to fight their former friend leads to a crushing defeat. This episode is a rollercoaster all the way through and the episode’s peak comes in the form of Robin and Raven’s desperate battle against Terra making for one of the most intense and high-stake fights in the series. Aftershock Part One lives up to its name. An aftershock is a quake of lesser magnitude following a large earthquake in the same area. I think we can all agree that the first part of Aftershock was definitely the larger one, and that’s why I consider it the best episode in Season Two of Teen Titans.

Overall, I didn’t really like Season Two’s main story arc as much as Season One’s, but the arc episodes were still epic and the good singular episodes were honestly much better and much more prevalent than Season One’s singular episodes with fewer bad ones. However this is my opinion, so someone’s bound to disagree with me. Feel free to share your opinions on the best(and worst) Season Two Teen Titans episodes as I’m interested to hear what you think!


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