About Me

My name is George Dutton and I am a dedicated gamer who decided to give something back to the industry in the form of this blog. I enjoy a wide variety of games from fun, hardcore platformers to turn-based strategy games to MOBA’s to sandbox games to… and the list goes on. My favourite game genres are hardcore games(mainly platformers and bullet hell) and sandbox and although it is hard to choose, my favourite games include TLOZ: Wind Waker, Tales From the Borderlands, Minecraft, the Monster Hunter series, Garry’s Mod and the list goes on.  I mainly made this blog to provide enjoyable and interesting content for people just like me. Gaming is my passion and I have been playing for years now making my way through games of every genre. I am even interested in making games myself! As well as that, I post other stuff like animation reviews to try and cover every angle and attract different people to my blog. I hope you find some common ground in what I post!