GamersGuild is a small gaming-focused blog run by a one-man-team of George Dutton. As the blog’s name suggests, gaming is the primary focal point, and the majority of what I post will be related to the medium of video games. Despite this, I won’t shy away from other mediums such as TV shows, anime, books, and hell, just whatever interests me! My aim is to write articles that are informative and well-written, but also fun-to-read and casual. I don’t want to feel like a guy who’s just doing a job and churning out lifeless post after lifeless post, this blog is my hobby, and I want it to feel like that! You can expect to hear my personal opinions quite often, and if you disagree, that’s fine! I’m happy to talk it over and learn more about what you think, because that’s exactly why I created this blog. To share my own opinions and hear what everyone else thinks! Thank you for visiting my blog, even if you don’t plan to stay and I hope you enjoy reading what I post!